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Silicon Valley trip wrap up

Ten days in the Valley went past fast and the trip back home has already started. We had an intensive schedule during our stay and we got to see and learn a lot. I believe we got a little taste of the actual life of an entrepreneur in the Valley. During the day time you really had to run from a meeting to another and try to make as many new contacts as possible. Evenings you used writing follow up mails and working your project forward. The pace of life in the Valley is fast and the days are long.

We were really priviledged to travel as a part of the Aaltoes group. The group was full of  bright and enthusiastic young entrepreneurs and we made a lot of new valuable contacts. Aaltoes had organized some great events and we got to see places and meet people you normally might have a hard time seeing and meeting. There is just so much going on in the Valley all the time that you really have to make choices on where to be and hope you’re in the right place with the right people. From this perspective our trip was a huge success. We got to meet just the right people for our project and really made some great new contacts for the future.

The culture in the Valley was really supportive to entrepreneurship. The attitude we faced everywhere was to just go for it and the success will follow. Failing was seen as a really valuable learning experience and most of the success stories had come from years of trying. One of the main messages we take home and start implementing straight away is simple: Be fast, be efficient and be flexible.

Our tight schedule will continue as we head out to Slush as soon as we arrive Helsinki. We’ll get you a report on that later. See you there!

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