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Slush a success for Futuuns!

Futuuns team took part to the Slush Helsinki event on the 3rd and 4th of November. We participated to the Slush Seven competition and to the IPB (International Business Program) clinic. In both of these there was seven minutes of time to present the concept.

There were seven finalists competing with their concepts in Slush Seven. These seven were chosen from over 40 applicants and already a spot in the finals was a huge success for Futuuns. Tommi did our pitch which went really well and we ended up receiving a lot of compliments for it. Great job Tommi! We didn’t get the first prize but all the finalists were awarded with a custom designed workshop to help to push the project forward. Great news for Futuuns!

In the IPB clinic we did our pitch to a panel of industry experts such as Burton Lee and Taneli Tikka to name a few. We got lot of valuable feedback concerning the pitch and our concept. Another great experience for Futuuns in Slush!

Futuuns even got a bit of media presence with the other Slush participants as the event got covered in a local newspaper:

Ilta-Sanomat 04.11.2009

Over all Slush was a great success for Futuuns!

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