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Authenticity – the now of music marketing

In the last blog post we looked at the historical development of music marketing. Now, it’s time for an analysis about where the industry is heading at the moment.  Until the early 21st century it was common to simply either pay a successful artist to sing about a certain big brand or product (like Michael Jakson, it’s good, it’s good, drink Pepsi!), make a catchy ear worm with a slogan (this is still done nowadays but not so much as a part of modern branding) or bluntly show famous people using the marketed product (usually in very corny ways). Nowadays music marketing is becoming increasingly subtle. In […] Read more »

Audiodraft Case Studies: JingleTV

JingleTV Amps Up Their Game With Audiodraft Blanket License JingleTV is a creative music production company based in Turkey. The company composes and produces a wide array of music and sound designs for advertising, feature film, game and television industries. We had a Skype call with Batuhan Firat, the owner of the company. Firat has worked almost a decade in the industry and founded JingleTV about six years ago. Now, as the company has been getting more popular, the growing number of customers means JingleTV needs more composers to keep up with all their projects. While trying to find the best creative people […] Read more »

Audiodraft, The Music Supervisor At Your Service

How nice would it be if every advertising agency and production company had their own music supervisors to choose the tracks, fix the contracts and tweak the image & sound to fit together? It surely is fun to dream, but in reality the project manager is the one to figure out it all. Like there wouldn’t be enough work on the manager’s desk already? We at Audiodraft are the music supervisor at your service. We have the composers and take care of the legal side. We can even help you with the final tweaks by communicating with the composer-of-your-choice for you. With Audiodraft all you […] Read more »

We’re hiring!

Do you have skills in coding? Do you have experience as a web developer? AudioDraft is a young Start-up company that is developing a web service to help artists collaborate online. We are now looking for a Flash developer to work on the collaboration platform for the Summer. If you’re interested in web development, music and startup companies, this is the dream job for you! We offer you interesting challenges, flexible working hours and a great insight to the diverse everyday life in a startup company. There is also an possibility to continue after the Summer. Send your application to […] Read more »

We are blogging again!

After a few months of hybernating we finally got our new blog online! The blog will be covering relevant information about the company, Startup life and audio production in general. We brought in some posts from our old blog as well so you can take a nostalgig look back on our journey! We have some exiting things coming up in the Beta so if you are an artist or an audio producer make sure to leave your contact info to our Beta invite list. More to come so stay tuned!