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Sound Designer Spotlight: Bogdan Kamuz (zaSLON)

Last autumn zaSLON quickly amped up his game and won 5 productions and challenges in just a few months. We at Audiodraft couldn’t miss his sudden jump to success (though we know there really aren’t any shortcuts to success, but long miles behind every pro!) so we wanted to hear from zaSLON himself about his learning curve and ambitions. First, could you tell us something about your background. Where are you from? How did you start creating music? I am from a small town named Krasnohorivka in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. At the moment I live in Kharkiv. In my childhood I […] Read more »

AudioDraft Sourcing Goes Public

We are back with some very exciting news! AudioDraft Sourcing beta is now open with first audio design contests! Companies can now crowd source custom made audio from the AudioDraft designer community. As an audio designer, musician or producer you have a real chance of winning great prizes and gaining visibility for your work. The first audio design contests in AudioDraft are: Create a dramatic entrance theme for Phil McKinney (Speaker, Blogger, Contributing Columnist at Forbes and Vice President/CTO of Hewlett-Packard’s Personal Systems Group) Prize: $1000 Theme music for an exciting travel series Trippimittari Prize: $600 Theme music for a […] Read more »