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Sound Designer Spotlight: Alexey Trubin (Trual)

Hi Alexey! Thanks for your time. First, can you tell us a little bit about your background. Where are you from and how did you start creating music? I live in the city of Barnaul – Altai is the Southwest of Siberia. I will tell you honestly – I did not study at any music school. In 1998 I found a CD with music from the band Metallica, and on that disc there were notes for a guitar :). This is when I started to learn play guitar. Soon I started writing music with the guitar and computer and thinking more about creating full songs. Next, I started doing music for games and that […] Read more »

Sound Designer Spotlight: Sotiroff

Hi Sotiroff! You’ve been active sound designer on AudioDraft since last September. How did you find AudioDraft? I read about AudioDraft’s Nokia Tune Remake contest from a newspaper, but unfortunately I missed that contest! Would you describe your musical background a little bit? When did you start producing your own music? What is your main instrument? I started producing music about 3 years ago in a production music studio in Sofia city (Bulgaria). My first instrument was guitar, but after few months I stopped and started to play the piano – I was 5 years old little boy. I’ve studied […] Read more »

Sound Designer Spotlight: Kiestor

Hi Philip! You joined the AudioDraft community last February. Since then you’ve participated in 28 contests and won 6 contests. Congratulations! How did you find AudioDraft? One day I heard the doorbell of my studio and as I opened the door I saw Philippos Gemelas (“man on the run”), who is a composer and friend of mine as well. We admire each others work. He asked me if and how quick I can compose under specific order and deadline, and when I answered positively he showed me AudioDraft and said: “Have a try to this one!”. That was it and […] Read more »

Sound Designer Spotlight: Ocmol

Hey everyone! Nokia contest has now been running for a little over week and it has surpassed all our wildest expectations by now. Millions of plays, hundreds of thousands unique visitors and over two thousand entries! We are really happy and thrilled to see so much activity around the contest, and this is really just the beginning of it. We managed to catch up quickly with Ovidiu Moldovan, aka Ocmol, who was one of the first participants to enter the contest last week. Hi Ovidiu! Did you know that one of your entries in the Nokia Tune Remake contest has […] Read more »

Sound Designer Spotlight: Man on the Run

It’s time for another AudioDraft artist interview, this time we managed to catch Phil Gemellas aka Man on the Run from Athens, Greece in our spotlight! Hi Phil, you joined AudioDraft in February this year and you have already won one contest and two challenges. Congratulations for the tremendous success! Can you first tell us a little bit about your musical background? When did you start producing your own music? From the age of 15 I started studying Electone (a two keyboard and pedal board organ-similar to Hammond) at the Yamaha Music Foundation. I continued by taking lessons in Classical […] Read more »

Sound Designer Spotlight: Pasi Pitkänen

Hi everyone, now we have our spotlight on Finnish composer Pasi Pitkänen. He is an experienced composer and a longtime member of the AudioDraft community. Hi Pasi, you won the Cities In Motion: Tokyo trailer music contest, congratulations! First of all, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? We would especially love to hear about your musical background. Thank you very much. It was a tough competition so I was very glad that they chose my entry as the winner. Well, my name is Pasi Pitkänen and I am a Finnish composer & sound designer for films, games […] Read more »

Sound Designer Spotlight: Nebidaan

Our featured artist on the spotlight is game music composer Bence Tasnádi, aka Nebidaan, from Hungary. He created the amazing winning tune ‘Beyond Quasar’ for the Supersonic Theme Music Contest. You can click the play below to listen to the tune while reading. Hi Bence, we would like to congratulate you on the awesome entry you did for the Supersonic! The game is now out on App Store and it seems it is climbing the app charts all around the world! How does it feel now that the game is out with your tune ‘Beyond Quasar’ in it? Thank you! […] Read more »

Sound Designer Spotlight: ADHMusic

This is our new blog section called Sound Designer Spotlight and it features one of our community members each month. We aim to introduce the faces and voices of the talented artists and active contest holders on AudioDraft. First in the line we have Andrew Higgins aka ADHMusic from UK. Hi Andrew, you have already won five contests on AudioDraft. That’s amazing, congratulations! How do you do it? Do you have a secret weapon in your arsenal? No secret weapon unfortunately. I just try to understand the pitch really well. I always read the ‘exam question’ twice, as it is […] Read more »