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Beta Development

Audiodraft Admin
We'll post all recent changes and feature updates to this thread after each update. We are also very interested to know what your experience of using AudioDraft has been like. Please share your feedback and idea suggestions with us to make AudioDraft better!
Audiodraft Admin
Beta Update 2010-06-03

Latest features added:
* User discussion forum
* How It Works page
* Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page
* New project landing page
Audiodraft Admin
Hold your horses, Big update coming soon!!
Audiodraft Admin

We are now live with our latest update AND we have decided to make AudioDraft Sketching beta publicly available as of today!

New features in a nutshell:
* Public remix projects
* When you save a public project an automatic mixdown is generated
* This project project mixdown can be listened by using our new player
* You can now like projects
* Forum enhancements (paging, edit, delete etc)

Remember to check out! New looks, video and content :). Also, if you have any rapping skills, check out the great competition we are hosting with Basso, Studiotec and AKG:

AudioDraft Sourcing with exciting audio design contests is coming later this month. Stay tuned!

Have fun!
Audiodraft Admin
First version of Sourcing site is now online! Artists can now participate in audio design contests created by companies.

We have three exciting audio design contests up and running. You can find them here:

Companies cannot yet create contests but we are working on implementing an easy-to-use and automated system for creating contests. This will be released in an update in coming weeks!
Audiodraft Admin
We fixed a bug related to uploading files to Sourcing contest that affected Firefox browser only.

Basso rhyming contest is now closed an all remixes of it are locked and can't be modified. Winner will be notified on Wed 4th August
Audiodraft Admin
Hey everyone, we just added major fixes and updates to our Sourcing site. Now you can get news from Sourcing contests to your Studio Feed.

The filters have now been changed to "Sourcing" and "Sketching". "Sourcing" posts information about the audio contests you are participating in and "Sketching" posts information about your collaboration projects.
Audiodraft Admin
We just added few updates to our sourcing site.

There is a new option in settings page where you can select if you wish to receive email notifications from sourcing contests that you have created or participated in.

Another new feature is a progress bar that is visible when uploading new entries to contests.
Audiodraft Admin
We added Bulletin Board to the Sketching site. Now you can easily post notices if you are looking for something specific (ie. vocalist or guitar player to join your project). You can attach notices to your projects. You can also use notices to offer your skills to other users.

Audiodraft Admin
We had to close down the service for some hours today because of a hacking attempt. Some users who registered between Thursday and Friday morning might have lost their account information. In this case you should just create a new account on AudioDraft.

If you uploaded contest entries or edited Sketching projects between Thursday and Friday, the changes are most likely lost. This was due to the fact that we had to restore our server to a previous state by restoring backups.

The service is now up and running and better than ever! We apologize for any inconveniences.

-AudioDraft team