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Success stories

Music contest for TV spot GoSaimaa

Music for TV spot: GoSaimaa

Woodpecker Film is a Finnish full-service production company for tv, internet, print, and mobile. In this Audiodraft music contest they were looking for a 30 second winter themed music for an animated TV spot. The advertisement film was produced for goSaimaa Ltd whose key aim is to boost tourism in South Karelia.
The contest was executed as a sprint contest. It collected an impressive 174 original music compositions in 4 days before the winner was selected. The winning sound designer was RacketBox from UK. Check out the final video below.
Winning track RacketBox - "Woodpecker"
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Music for Game Trailer: Cities In Motion

Music for Game Trailer: Cities In Motion

Cities in Motion (CIM) is a simulator game about mass transportation in a city. Game is developed by Colossal Order, a game studio based in Tampere, Finland. They needed original music for the CIM Tokyo expansion pack trailer and got 27 Japan influenced songs during 2 weeks sprint contest. Colossal Order needed music that is energetic, uplifting, and synchronized with the trailer video. They also involved their fans in the voting process and picked the track with most Facebook Likes from the community.
Winning track Pasi Pitkänen - "CIM: Tokyo trailer"
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Video soundtrack for Jenkatehdas

Soundtrack for Video: Jenkatehdas

Jenkatehdas is a Finnish music company that is all about bringing live music experiences to the Internet users. They recently finished their new promotional video and the only thing they were missing was a dynamite soundtrack for the video. They set up a music contest on Audiodraft and received 23 rocking tracks to choose from in less than two weeks. They got an uplifting tune that feels like it's played by real band, and they're promoting live music after all!
Winning track AFP - "Uplifting Jenkatehdas New"
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Supersonic Game Theme Music

Supersonic - Game Theme Music

Kuuasema, a Finnish game studio, needed theme music for a game called Supersonic. Supersonic, being classified as a music game, didn't just qualify any song in the final game - the song had to be very high in quality and perfected to match the game visually and thematically. During the two weeks the music contest received 139 exclusive and custom made tracks. The best match for the game was created by Nebidaan (Bence Tasnadi) who delivered sonically fantastic and mellow electronic music song called Beyond Quasar.
Winning track Nebidaan - "Beyond Quasar"
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Music contest for Rocket Gang Productions

Soundtrack for Show Reel: Rocket Gang Productions

Rocket Gang Productions, a Finnish production company, needed a kick ass music piece for the company’s show reel. The company produces dozens of videos for the Finnish music scene and companies. They have style that is cool, bold and daring and needed a rocking theme to support that. The winning track, We Got Beat by JT, really delivered the sonic punch that Rocket Gang was after.
Winning track JT - "We Got Beat"
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Music Crowdsourcing for Microtask

Music Crowdsourcing: Microtask

Microtask is a company specialized in crowdsourcing and managing distributed work tasks. They had created an introduction video with a voice over for their company but they didn't have the soundtrack created yet. What would be a better way for them to get the music for the video than to crowdsource it?
Microtask had a really challenging task for the Audiodraft sound designers: they wanted a soundtrack that is classy, retro-influenced, and timed to the video they provided. No problem there. With a three week contest on Audiodraft they found a perfect soundtrack for the video.
Winning track ADHMusic - "ADH Microtask Take Two"
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Music contest for The Perfect Pint

Soundtrack for Video: The Perfect Pint

Hartwall, a leading Finnish brewery brand, needed a soundtrack for their upcoming video about the perfect pint. They needed a soundtrack that is engaging and sets the right mood for pouring and serving a pint of Premium Draught Beer. The work was commissioned by Finnish digital agency Activeark. This contest was held as a sprint contest, meaning that the contest holder can pick a winner at any given moment. The music contest was only open for few days until the contest holder found the the perfect soundtrack for the video.
Winning track ADHMusic - "Blue Beer" as the video soundtrack
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Theme music contest for Trippimittari

Music for Travel Show: Trippimittari

YleX, a Finnish mainstream radio station, needed a theme music for their new and experimental travel show called Trippimittari. The episodes of Trippimittari focused on exotic destinations in Asia and the videos needed a theme music that brought up the feeling of Asia, excitement, traveling and freedom. The music contest was featured and advertised both on YleX radio and web site. The theme music was used in the main introduction sequences of the videos.
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Theme music contest for Lowlifes

Lowlifes: Theme music contest for detective series

A San Francisco based production company Zen Films needed a theme song for Lowlifes, a series about crime mysteries in the notorious Tenderloin city district. The music contest was one of the first ones on Audiodraft. The winning theme music is a perfect match for the vibe of the series combining rock and ambient elements with a film noir feeling on top of it. Robert Pratten, director and owner of Zen Films, said: "It was exciting to be one the first to try out the service. This is really something we have been waiting for!"
Winning track JuusoK - "LowLifes Theme ver.7" is the theme music of Lowlifes
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