Unleash your full Audio Branding potential with Audiodraft.

Define the best sound for you with Audio Analysis and Asset Testing.

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Audiodraft helps you guide your audio creative based on data and market insight. Gain understanding how your audio assets translate into values and attributes. Test your sound to ensure your message fits your brand and stands out.

Analyze, Create, and Manage your audio brand. On one platform.

Audiodraft is a global audio branding service that makes developing your sound easy through data and creative market insights. By optimizing your sound, we make sure your brand stands out and gets heard.

Audio branding experts analyzing content with the help of AI
Human specialists analyzing content with the support of AI

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Order unique and original assets based on the analysis

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Brand fit index analyzed from the uploaded content
Manage your future projects and test the brand fit of your sound

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Rely on facts, not subjective preferences

A list of brand attributes and their values ranking from highest to lowest
"The platform made the initial conversation around the audio brand development really straightforward as it enabled us to discuss abstract feelings through fact-based, and logical, analysis data."
Lilli Nykänen
Director, Brand and Global Marketing Communications Network

Speed up your audio branding workflow

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"Quality, efficiency, and simplicity. The platform works perfectly in ordering and managing audio content for our various campaigns and productions."
Tarja Hänninen
Brand Manager

Get the right talent for your audio needs

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"The Audiodraft’s talent network enabled us to order music and voice-overs for our global marketing and brand campaigns efficiently and taking into account the very different local adaptation needs for each of our markets. The deliverables sound great and are always consistently on brand!"
Evelin Ojamets
Brand & Concept Team Lead & Creative Production Manager

Our approach to audio branding

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Kyrö Tasting Experience
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