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Are you new to the Audiodraft concept?

Here is a little insight on how our system works and how to get started.

Audiodraft Contests

Get composed music easily through Audiodraft Music Crowdsourcing Contests.
You can get custom made music by creating a contest on Audiodraft and letting our designer community to compose entries for you. You get several compositions to choose from and you have the ability to name the prize for the contest yourself!

1. Custom audio following your exact needs

Our designer community will submit their work following the description you are providing in the contest brief and then further refine their entries based on your feedback.

2. Choose from multiple compositions

You will receive multiple, high quality compositions to choose from. Our talented sound designer community will produce tens or even hundreds of compositions depending on the amount of work, the appeal of the prize, and the amount of feedback they get.

3. You can decide your own budget

The offered prize is up to you to decide. Keep in mind, that the designers will most likely favorize the highest prized contests.

Audiodraft Marketplace

Find music with exclusive licenses instantly from Audiodraft Marketplace production music library.
On Audiodraft Marketplace you can find audio that can be licensed immediately. All the licenses are exclusive so when you license a track it will be removed from the Marketplace - it's only for your use!

1. High quality tracks

The tracks in our Marketplace are all hand picked, high quality tracks, produced by the Audiodraft community.

2. Exclusive licenses

All licences are exclusive - after you bought it, noone else will have access to the track.

3. Fast to obtain

If you are in a hurry, the Marketplace offers a quick solution. It only takes a few minutes to purchase and download the high quality track, when you found what you are looking for.