1. I haven't received a verification email for my Audiodraft account. What can I do?
  2. Sometimes it may happen that the verification email lands in the junk mail folder of your mailbox. If you can't find the message please send an email from the same address you're verificating to support[at] Please also include your user name in the message and we will complete the verificating process of your account manually.
  3. My country is not on a country list. Can I participate in contests?
  4. For participating in Audiodraft contests you have to be able to receive money via PayPal. You can see the latest version of PayPal's country listing from here: PayPal avaibilty list
  5. How can I change my password?
  6. You can change your password from “Settings” page by selecting “Account settings”.
  7. How can I participate in a contest?
  8. First you have to register to AudioDraft and create a user profile. Before submitting your first entry you must verify your email address and fill your contact information on “Settings” page as well. You can start the uploading process of your entry by clicking "Submit a new entry" on a contest page.
  9. How can I remove my account?
  10. You can do it from your “Settings” page by selecting “Delete account” and follow instructions. By deleting your account all of your content on Audiodraft will be removed permanently except the contest winning entries.
  11. How can I disable e-mail notifications? I don't want to receive Audiodraft newsletter anymore or I don't want to be notified about my private messages.
  12. You can manage your e-mail notifications from your “Settings” page by selecting “E-mail notifications”.

Audiodraft sound design contests

  1. I have a problem with an uploading of my audio file. What can I do?
  2. Our service supports only WAV and MP3 audio formats. Try to change the format of your file to WAV of 16 bits and 44,1kHz sample rate or MP3. Our service supports all common web browsers but sometimes the latest browser updates can cause temporarily compatibility problems. So you can always try uploading with another browser as well, like Chrome on Firefox for example.
  3. What is a sound quality of entries on Audiodraft?
  4. All streamed audio content on Audiodraft is converted to mp3 files with 128 kbit/s bit rate. This secures that no-one is able to get high quality versions of entries from the site without the permission.
  5. How can I remove my entry from a contest?
  6. Click the name of your entry on a contest page and then click the "Withdrawn Entry" button from the bottom right corner.
  7. Can I use my song in other productions if it wins?
  8. If the license of the contest is non-exclusive you are still free to do whatever you like with the tune. Exclusive license however restrains you from using the song for the duration of the contest license. The duration can be a year, two years, five years, or perpetual. After the the exclusive license has expired, you can either renew the license with the contest holder or get your exclusive rights to the production back.
  9. Can I submit a song to an exclusive license contest if it has been released by a label?
  10. No, you can't submit it to a contest. If your track has already been released by a label, sold or licensed to another client or featured in a film (for example). The purpose of exclusive contests is to inspire artists to create entries that are new, unique and custom-made.
  11. What happens to my contest entry if I don't win?
  12. Your contest entry will remain on the contest page after the contest has been closed. You don't lose any rights to your work and no one can download it. Site users and visitors can listen to it (stream). If you want to remove your entry from the contest page you must sign in and go to the entry page and press the “Withdraw Entry” button.
  13. What happens to a contest after it has ended?
  14. The contest page and all entries will stay online after it has ended, but a commenting area will be closed 14 days after all winners of the contest are announced. So after that period the commenting area will be “read only”.
  15. Can anyone listen to my contest entry?
  16. Yes, all site users and visitors can listen to all entries on contest pages.
  17. Who can download my contest entry?
  18. Contest entries can't be downloaded. Only contest holder has right to download winning work after the contest has been closed and artist has been paid.
  19. Can I use samples in my work?
  20. You're are not allowed to use any copyrighted material in your work. Sampling audio content made by others without their permission is strictly forbidden! You can only use sounds that you have permission to use. You must define all licensing rights of the samples from sound libraries etc. before you use them in your work. If you're not sure about a permission to use something, don't use it!
  21. What is a sprint contest?
  22. The winners of the sprint contest are chosen on the go so the contest will be over right after the contest holder has found the most suitable tune.
  23. What is Audiodraft's video player feature?
  24. Some of our contest holders have an already made video and they are looking for a soundtrack for it. With Audiodraft's video player you're able to sync your tracks to the video content and see how well your entry fits to it. Using of our video player is easy and it's also a cool way to compare entries amongst each other.
  25. I got rejected from a private contest. Why?
  26. There could be many reason why one is not selected to a private contest. The most common reasons are
    1. the contest has already enough participants
    2. you are not providing enough information about yourself on your profile or application.
    You can improve your profile on Audiodraft by telling more about yourself and participating to the open contests and challenges.
  27. What is a challenge?
  28. Challenges are fun and these competitions are set up by Audiodraft. The challenges are the spot to improve your skills by creating cool music to match the brief. The Audiodraft team will give a personal feedback of your entries and the prizes of challenge wins are invitations to Audiodraft One-Off Music Library for example. The won challenges will show in your profile and you can also collect Audiodraft experience points by participating in.

Audiodraft One-Off Music Library

  1. What is Audiodraft One-Off Music Library?
  2. Audiodraft One-Off Music Library is an online shop for a high quality custom made audio. It offers the very best and exclusive music from Audiodraft community members with fixed prices for our customers.
  3. How I can get my tunes to the Music Library?
  4. By participating in Audiodraft Contests and Music Library Challenges. We are hosting Music Library Challenges to gather tracks for specific needs and genres. By winning in a Challenge you will get your track to Audiodraft One-Off Music Library. We also go through the Contest platform to find good entries from the closed contests. If your entry is picked you will get an invite to add your track to the Music Library.
  5. How much is my share if my track is sold from the Music Library?
  6. Sound designer's share per sold track in the Audiodraft One-Off Music Library is 70%. If your track is sold from the Music Library, the length of the license determines your prize:

    Exclusive license for one (1) year: $280
    Exclusive license for two (2) years: $420
    Exclusive license for five (5) years: $700
    Perpetual exclusive license: $1,400

    A buyer has the right to choose the length of the license and a possibility to renew the license before it has ended. In this case you will be paid again of course.
  7. Can I sell my track on other similar sites besides the Audiodraft Music Library at the same time?
  8. No, you can't. A single tune can be sold only once in the Audiodraft One-Off Music Library because we are offering only exclusive licenses on the Music Library. This means that you're not allowed to use it somewhere else simultaneously, but you're always free to remove your tracks from the Music Library before they are sold.

Audiodraft Community Participation Guidelines

These Participation Guidelines are presented here so that you know what is expected of you and what you can expect from other participants when commenting contests, a blog, a forum and personal messages on site. By participating you agree to follow these Participation Guidelines.

  1. Respect others
  2. Respect all other users including sound designers, contest holders and Audiodraft staff members for example. Even though Audiodraft contest are about racing to the prizes you're not allowed to act in a disrespectfully way on anybody.

    Different opinions and a critique is accepted, but please expose yourself in a correct way. All personal attacks or harassments through Audiodraft service are strictly prohibited. Don't impersonate any person or Audiodraft user as well.
  3. Stay on topic
  4. All of Audiodraft's areas like commenting boards of the contests or the forum are provided for the specific purpose so please refrain from discussing about too personal matters etc.
  5. About sharing of entries
  6. You are able to share entries of the contests to social media forums by “share” button so do not spam about your entries. All “check my entry” related messages without any other information will be removed.
  7. Keep it legal and spam-free
  8. Please do not post links if they are not relevant to the topics being discussed. Don't post a content that would constitute advertising, junk mail, spam, chain letters, or any other form of unauthorized solicitation. Also refrain from posting content which is containing anything unlawful, threatening or harmful content. Check out Audiodraft's Terms of Use for more information:
  9. Protect your privacy
  10. Please do not post any personally identifying information, whether your own or that of another person or entity. Public posting of phone numbers, addresses and any other personally identifying information is prohibited. If any community member asks your personal information, such as password, address or credit card number, do not provide it.
  11. Audiodraft Admins has the right to remove content and limit users' access
  12. All content which is against these Community Participation Guidelines will be removed by Audiodraft Admins. Their actions may also include warnings and banning of individual users. If the user has already been banned and creates new account to subvert the ban, a full IP ban on all of the user's IPs will be initiated.

    You can report about all irreverent behavior or mismatch content to admins by sending an email to: support[at]