Why It Works

Audiodraft is rapidly building a solid reputation among clients – film and television production companies, gaming studios, ad agencies, and communication departments – who rely on the work of skilled sound designers.

Here’s why:
  1. Simple music licenses
  2. We offer simple, global, all-media licensing contracts. You can choose between a non-exclusive and an exclusive license according to your needs.

    Our music composers own all rights to their compositions, so there are no third parties involved.

  3. Choose from multiple compositions
  4. You will receive multiple high-quality compositions to choose from. Our talented sound designer community will produce tens or even hundreds of compositions depending on the amount of work, the appeal of the prize, and the amount of feedback they get.

  5. Engagement marketing
  6. The sound design contest is one big engagement marketing campaign. The contest is open for anyone to participate – not only by composing but also by following along: people can listen to, comment on, and vote for entries. A sound design contest is a great way to get people involved in a brand or a product.

  7. New branding potential
  8. Interested in creating a fully customized contest site branded in line with your company's visual look? Maybe you want to create a separate campaign site around your contest or fit it in to an existing website? Audiodraft can help.

For further information and inquiries send us an email to sales[at]audiodraft.com.