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Defining your sound

"Every brand generates sound. We help you find yours."
We are The Audio Experts at your service.

Audio Branding

Audio branding is not just audio logos and catchy jingles. We define your brand sound and align it with your brand identity across all touchpoints from product sounds to TV campaigns.


We perform audits on your brand to give you thorough information on your brand and how you position in your industry.

Sound Drafting

With the help of the data from the auditing process and audio examples, we can now start drafting the cornerstones of your unique brand sound.


We help you describe your vision in the form of a creative brief. No need to worry if audio isn't your strongest area. We will make sure your brief hits the mark.


We will deliver your user-friendly Audio Branding Guidelines defining how to use your new audio assets across all touchpoints.


Creating your sound

"No, we are not a production music library. Forget the bulk, go custom."
With us you have a Global Production Platform at your fingertips.


Whether you are looking for an instrumental track or something with vocals, we are here for you. Any genre, any mood, any instrument.

Sound Design

We provide the sonic storytelling for your product. When your animation, advertisement, or interactive application needs sound design, we are here for you.

Sound Effects

A custom set of sound effects can enhance your product identity and functionality without the use of music or voice. We will help you build your own audio toolkit.


A carefully selected voice-over supports the uniqueness of your brand. We make sure your message is communicated with a unique brand voice.

Sync to video

The audio we provide will be instantly synced to your video. No need for you to do it yourself in an offline edit. You can watch the result online immediately.

Quick delivery. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Don’t spend any more time browsing though bulk and worn out libraries.

100% satisfaction guarantee

We represent global talent and experience.

Let us find the right talent for your project.

  • 20,000+ Audio Producers
  • 100+ Co-Producers
  • 30,000+ tracks of experience
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Forget the bulk. Go custom.