Create an audio brand that truly stands out and gets heard.

There's no need to rely on a gut feeling when choosing the right sound for your brand. Our analytical approach, supported by AI, guides your audio brand development based on data and market insight. You have a global network of talented audio specialists at your service, creating unique music and voice for your brand.

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Analyze, create, and manage your audio brand. On one platform.


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Getting the sound right for brands.

Audiodraft Talent Network

Your audio will be produced by top musicians,
voice actors, and sound designers around the world.

Premium Quality

Our platform hosts award-winning designers who have worked with the top 100 brands listed by Forbes.

Global Reach

The Audiodraft Network consists of 20,000+ audio designers from over 120 countries.

Versatile Skill Set

No matter the genre, instrumentation or language, we will match your brief with best talent.

Prompt Delivery

Our online platform enables fast turn-around for all productions through our talent network.

Audiodraft Platform

An online service for all your audio needs.

Analyzing your audio brand

Analyzing your audio brand

We deliver data on how your competitors and benchmark companies use audio in their content.

Creating your audio brand

Creating your audio brand

We produce custom music, voice, and sounds that match your brand attributes and tone of voice.

Managing your audio brand

Managing your audio brand

Our platform gives you full control over your audio assets and empowers campaign execution. 

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Insights, discoveries and case studies from the world of audio branding.

3 Steps for Creating a Successful Branded Podcast

This article was originally published in Adweek. Podcasts have taken the pole position for the new wave of digital advertising. Their consumption has been on a steady upward trend, which is expected to continue as more audio-first platforms, devices and gadgets appear in our homes and shape the ways we consume sound. What’s more, a Nielsen study commissioned by […]

What Are We Hearing Now? June 2019

“Sound can express the brand belief and values in an emotionally direct way. Sound speaks to our deepest emotional instincts and bypasses our rational brain.” These wise words are from Thomas Marzano, global head of brand experience at Philips who was interviewed in a recent Forbes article about how big companies are engaging in audio branding. Philips […]

What are we hearing now? May 2019

As we marketers know, the competition for people’s attention is a tough game. We at Audiodraft believe in the power of audio in this. It has the capability to enhance brand recognition and recall quite brilliantly. Over the past year, we have collected the most insightful audio branding and audio marketing articles to our monthly ‘What […]

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