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We use data and technology to develop and manage unique sounds for brands. On one platform.

Every brand generates sound. We help you find yours.

Sound as a Service

We help advertisers, brands and companies along with their agencies to build and control their own audio identities. From a single advertising campaign to a complete brand music strategy, we create audio that reinforces your brand’s mission, values and objectives.

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Streamlined Platform

Our platform takes you through the audio branding process step-by-step from market analysis to single productions to creating flexible, sustainable guidelines for coherent use of music, sound and voice.

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Our Pricing

Instantly estimate the price for your project. Whether it’s a single production or full audio branding case, our pricing example packages help you stay on budget.

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12x increased IMPACT when SOUND is SYNCHRONIZED and COHERENT with the VISUAL message.

* Source: Prof. Charles Spence, Oxford University

With MUSIC you are 27% more likely to have a LARGE BUSINESS EFFECT on your campaign compared to non-musical campaigns.

* Source: Radiocentre 2015: Strike A Chord / IPA databank

We SEE approximately 6000 ads and brands a day. AUDIO gives your brand access to UNDIVIDED ATTENTION.

* Source: Design Musical et Stratégie de Marque / Boumendil, Michaël (2017), Eyrolles

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