The global production platform for custom audio, introducing crowdsourcing to audio production.

Songs. Jingles. Sounds. Voiceovers. Sync.


Audiodraft Open Studio

A global audio production platform for custom audio.

  • Get an instant access to +20,000 sound designers and composers
  • Name the budget and the amount of talent you are looking for
  • Choose from multiple quality tracks customized for your needs
  • Use Audiodraft's Open Studio to get the sound right for your video, radio spot, app, or game. You name the sound and we create it custom made for you.

    One-Off Music Library

    Just need something off the shelf that you can call your own?

    Our audio library offers the best quality and exclusive audio with reasonable fixed prices. Once you buy your license the track will not be available for others.

    It's a one-off deal just for you.

    Agency Studios

    A private audio production platform for your advertising agency or production company.

  • Discover with less effort from bigger variety
  • Manage your current productions and keep the talent pool fresh
  • Get more custom audio with worldwide licenses
  • Forget the pain. There is an easy and efficient way to get more quality audio. Start using the Agency Studios for the productions at your advertising agency or production company.