Audiodraft FAQ

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we have faced during the development of Audiodraft. We hope you find your answer from here and if not, don't hesitate to send us feedback.


  1. What does Audiodraft do?
  2. Audiodraft offers companies a new and innovative way to order custom made audio from the artist and audio designer community by creating audio competitions. Companies can now crowdsource sound productions from a global community of talented producers. For artists we offer a place where they can gain visibility for their work and earn some money.
  3. What is the team behind Audiodraft?
  4. We are a passionate group of four digital media professionals with background in making music. Audiodraft has been designed with passion to help artists find collaborators, work opportunities and inspire them in music production.
  5. Can I send you feedback or feature requests?
  6. Yes, we want to develop and make the service better with you. Please send your feedback and feature requests by e-mail to feedback[at]
  7. Do you post information about changes to the site?
  8. Yes, we post information about updates to our community forum after major updates. We can also send e-mail notifications about the updates.
  9. How can I contact your customer service?
  10. Contact us by sending e-mail to contact[at]
  11. How can I disable e-mail notifications?
  12. Go to the Settings page (link can be found at the top right corner) and you can set your e-mail notification preferences. Remember to press Save after you are done!
  13. How can I change my password?
  14. You can change your password from the Settings page (link can be found at the top right corner).

Contests for Contest Holders

  1. How can I create a contest?
  2. That's easy! Go to Create contest and follow the instructions.
  3. What should a design brief contain?
  4. You should describe what type of audio are you looking for and where it will be used. By adding reference videos you can easily explain the desired atmosphere. You can also check out our contest as an example.
  5. What are the licensing options?
  6. We have two kinds of licenses available: non-exclusive and exclusive. Non-exclusive means that the artist who submits the work can use and sell the work freely elsewhere. Exclusive means that the artist can't sell the work to others. Both licenses are worldwide and cover all media. You can determine the duration for a license when creating a contest. The duration can be a year, two years, five years, or perpetual.
  7. What happens if I don't pick a winner?
  8. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you really don't find a suitable winning entry in your contest, you get your money back. Read more about our refund policy here.
  9. I need my audio in few days. Can I just pick a winner and end the contest when I find a suitable entry?
  10. Yes you can. That's why we have Sprint contests. Sprint Contests are short term contests in which contest holders can pick the winner at any moment before the deadline. Sprint Contests are shown with special sprint icons on the Contests page. If you want to create a sprint contest, select the "Sprint contest" option on the prize step when creating a new contest.
  11. Can I pick multiple winners in a contest?
  12. Yes. You can create a contest with multiple winners from the Create Contest page by selecting the "multiple winners" option on the prize step. If you have already created a contest and want to add more winners to it, contact us by sending an e-mail to contact[at]

Contests for Sound Designers

  1. My country is not on a country list. Can I participate in contests?
  2. For participating in Audiodraft contests you have to be able to receive money via PayPal. You can see the latest version of PayPal's country listing from here:
  3. How can I participate in a contest?
  4. You can start the uploading process of your entry by clicking "Submit a new entry" on a contest page.
  5. I have a problem with an uploading of my audio file. What can I do?
  6. Our service supports only WAV and MP3 audio formats. Try to change the format of your file to MP3 or WAV format of 16 bits and 44,1kHz sample rate.
  7. How can I remove my entry from a contest?
  8. Click the entry name on a contest page and then click the "Withdrawn entry" -button from the bottom right corner.
  9. Can I use my song in other productions if it wins?
  10. If the license of the contest is non-exclusive you are still free to do whatever you like with the production. Exclusive license however restrains you from using the song for the duration of the contest license. The duration can be a year, two years, five years, or perpetual. After the the exclusive license has expired, you can either renew the license with the contest holder or get your exclusive rights to the production back.
  11. Can I submit a song to an exclusive license contest if the track has been released by a label?
  12. If your track has already been released by a label, sold or licensed to another client or featured in a film (for example), you can't submit it to a contest. The purpose of exclusive contests is to inspire artists to create entries that are new, unique and custom-made.
  13. What happens to my contest entry if I don't win?
  14. Your contest entry will remain on the contest page after the contest has been closed. You don't lose any rights to your work and no one can download it. Site users and visitors can listen to it (stream). If you want to remove your entry from the contest page you must sign in and go to the entry page and press the Withdraw button.
  15. Can anyone listen to my contest entry?
  16. Yes, all site users and visitors can listen to all entries on contest pages.
  17. Who can download my contest entry?
  18. Contest entries can't be downloaded. Only contest holder has right to download winning work after the contest has been closed and artist has been paid.
  19. Can I use samples in my work?
  20. Sampling audio content made by others without their permission is strictly forbidden! You can only use sounds that you have permission to use.

Collection Societies

  1. What is a Collection Society?
  2. Collection Societies include any performance rights organization (PRO), mechanical licensing agency, or any other organization with the purpose of licensing, collecting and distributing income from the performance and/or duplication of compositions. For example when a composition is broadcast on TV or radio, the songwriter of that composition is entitled to public performance royalties from the broadcaster. The organizations that collect license fees from broadcasters and distribute these funds back to songwriters in the form of public performance royalties are called performance rights organizations, or, for the purpose of participating on Audiodraft, Collection Societies. Examples of such Collection Societies include but are not limited to: ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and Teosto.
  3. I’m a member of a Collection Society. Can I participate in the Audiodraft contests? Can I get my tracks in the Music Library as well?
  4. You probably can but there are a couple of things you need to be sure of. These things are really important so read carefully, ok?

    You can participate in the Audiodraft contests only if your track is not registered with, or in any way represented by your Collection Society. If you’re a producer that belongs to a Collection Society but you haven’t registered the track you want to submit to a contest with your Collection Society, then you also need to be sure that your track isn’t automatically covered by your Collection Society membership/affiliation agreement (except Teosto members, see the next answer for more information). Basically, you need to have 100% control to all of the rights of the production you are submitting; the production cannot be registered with your Collection Society because by registering a track with a Collection Society you transfer certain rights to them. In short, if you registered your track with your Collection Society, and/or if the track is automatically covered by your Collection Society member agreement, then that track cannot be used on Audiodraft.

    Same goes for the tracks submitted for the Music Library. If you want your tracks to be eligible for inclusion in the Music Library you need to have a full control to all of the rights to the productions you submit. Also keep in mind that the tracks in the Music Library cannot be available for licensing in any other services/platforms because we want to give people looking for great tracks in the Music Library the ability to have exclusive use of a track that hasn’t been released to the public before.

    Finally, if you have signed a publishing deal with a publisher, your eligibility to participate on Audiodraft depends on these two things: (1) you have to get written permission from your publisher stating that participating on Audiodraft won’t violate your publishing agreement, and (2) any tracks you submit to Audiodraft have not been registered with a Collection Society by either your publisher or yourself.

    So, if you are not sure about the terms of your Collection Society membership/affiliation agreement please contact your Collection Society representative for more information. Most (if not all) Collection Societies have member hotlines staffed with professionals that are paid to answer exactly these types of questions, so don’t be shy and call them. And, if you have a publisher, be sure to call him or her as well.

  5. I’m a member of Teosto. Does my membership agreement allow me to submit my productions on Audiodraft?
  6. Generally speaking, U.S. public performance organizations only manage the public performance rights of the songs that their members/affiliates register with their respective PRO. In contrast, Finland’s public performance organization Teosto’s member agreement covers all (with a few exceptions) of its members’ productions. Teosto members can participate in the Audiodraft contests and are also eligible to have their tracks in the Music Library if:

    1. the submitted track has not been previously released, distributed, licensed or publicly performed, and
    2. submitting the track to a contest or the Music Library, and subsequently licensing the track’s to a sourcing user will not violate the terms of any publishing agreement that the Teosto member entered into with a publisher.

    If you are a member of a similar Collection Society where the membership/affiliate agreement covers the public performance rights to all of each members’ productions please contact your Collection Society representative for more information about submitting your productions on Audiodraft.

    If you are a representative of an organization where the membership/affiliate agreement covers the public performance rights to all your members’ productions, please contact the Audiodraft Team (contact at for enquiries to allow your members to submit their productions on Audiodraft.