How It Works

Let's bring transparency and understanding into audio branding through data.

We provide an online platform where you can order custom made tracks from professional talent around the world. With our analytical approach you have data and technology supporting the creation of your unique sound. Our platform’s streamlined process guides you step-by-step through the development of your audio brand.


We deep dive into your industry and uncover key market insights on how audio is used within your brand and amongst its competitors. Our extensive research helps you understand your brands positioning and how to build an audio strategy to take advantage of this. We help you build your audio brand, by objectifying sound, music and voice so that your choices are based on hard data and concrete examples.


When we know your brand’s position in your industry’s audio market, we can start drafting your sound towards a unique direction. We help you describe your desired sound through an extensive selection of genres, keys, moods, tempo, instrumentation and more. Based on these you'll get selected unique tracks for review, which are available for downloading, or to use for further iterations to complete your new audio brand production.


Production is the phase where we help you translate your brand identity into high quality audio. From music and sound design to voice-overs and vocals, we deliver custom made assets to use in your desired touchpoints and projects. You'll get a handpicked shortlist of the most suitable entries according to the brief. You can manage the production by giving feedback, doing iterations and selecting a winner from the shortlist.


We will validate your newly produced audio by auditioning it to a target group from our network of 20,000+ music producers in 120+ countries. We can assemble your audience from different age groups and genders to get a thorough market validation in local countries and demographics.


You will gain touchpoint specific guidelines for your audio brand. They give you and your partner agencies clear instructions on the musical elements that best represent your brand identity. They include your audio assets and the results of all audits and analyses that cover music, voice-overs and artist playlists.

You can monitor and manage the development of your audio brand, while staying consistent through all touchpoints in the future.