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Audiodraft helps companies to outsource music and audio production to a global community of music professionals. Audiodraft is a network of 20,000+ sound designers and music composers from over 100 different countries worldwide. With Audiodraft you can get custom made music and sound design easily whether you need background music for TV commercials, theme music for games, or an audio logo for your company.

You can get composed music easily by creating an open music crowdsourcing contest on Audiodraft in which the music composers compete for the prize money you set. You can also find original music instantly with exclusive licenses from Audiodraft Music Library.

Audiodraft Contests - Composed Music

  1. Create a contest
  2. Creating a contest on Audiodraft is simple: just compile the brief, finalize the properties, and publish the contest!

    Compile a design brief and describe what kind of audio are you looking for and where it will be used. You can describe the wanted outcome with a written brief as well as with reference videos and links. If you are looking for music to be used in a video project, you can upload the video as a part of the contest brief and listen all the entries directly in sync with your video.

    In contest properties you can set the license and the prize for the contest and handle the payment. You are free to define the prize money yourself – the more you offer, the more audio suggestions you will get. We handle all payments securely with Paypal, which also accepts all major credit card types. After you have handled the payment you are free to publish the contest when you are ready.

  3. Manage the contest
  4. This is the fun part! Listen to the entries submitted to your contest and give feedback regularly to guide your contest.

    After you have launched your contest the sound designers will start submitting their compositions to the contest. Listen to the entries regularly and give feedback to guide the sound designers to the right direction. You can give feedback by rating the entries, writing private comments about individual compositions, or by giving public comments on the contest page.

    By giving feedback regularly you can make sure the sound designers know what you like and what you don’t like. This will help you getting even more suitable entries and raise the bar on your contest.

  5. Select a winner
  6. After the contest submission deadline has ended you can select the winner with a single click and you will receive a worldwide cover-all-media license to use the winning production.

    After the contest is over you should select the winner within the next seven (7) days. Once you have made up your mind about the best entry, award it, and the Handover section will open up. In the Handover page you will be able to get the high quality files as well as the final license. Once you are happy with the files you have received, click “Release payment” -button, and you’re able to download the files. We will take care of the prize money transfer for the designer while you can already start using the audio in your projects.

    If you don’t find the perfect track from the contest, you can contact sales[at] and we’ll refund 100% of the prize money and all fees that are not marked and/or stated non-refundable.

Audiodraft Music Library - Production Music

Make sure the music on your project is not heard anywhere else – Audiodraft Music Library is an online shop for high quality exclusive audio!

Whether you need background music for TV commercial or theme music for game, Audiodraft Music Library gives you an access to thousands of exclusive tracks to find the perfect fit.

Once you have found the perfect track from Audiodraft Music Library you can purchase an exclusive license for the production with just a few clicks. Since the license is exclusive, each track is sold only once. After you have purchased your license, the track will be automatically removed from the Music Library.

To make things simple, all the prices are fixed depending on the length of the license. To make your life easier, all our licenses are worldwide and cover-all-media. We handle all payments securely with Paypal, which also accepts all major credit card types.

The tracks on Audiodraft Music Library are handpicked by music professionals to ensure the great quality. All the tracks are produced by the talented worldwide Audiodraft sound designer community.

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