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How Brands Leveraged Audio Marketing in Super Bowl Spots

This article was originally published on Adweek, February 4, 2020. What consumers hear—or don’t hear—affects decision-making We’ve witnessed yet another Super Bowl that had everything from iconic sporting moments to a star-studded halftime show to the highly-anticipated clash of creative advertising forces. As is the case with such an event, the stakes are as high for the brands on the ad inventory as they are for the players and coaches on the team sheets. Being the top marketing event in terms of ad spend and amount of viewers, the Big Game offers a snapshot of how brands choose to present […] Read more »

What We Can Expect From Audio Marketing in 2020

This article was originally published in Adweek. The importance of brand experience has jumped from a low-ranking priority straight to top of mind. Brands are now asked to tap into their audience’s subtle and shifting feelings while showcasing their own. It’s the kind of stage, where everything is set up for audio branding to steal the show. There are hardly any common touchpoints in the modern marketing scene where sound isn’t either the leading sensory element or at least an eloquent side character sparking emotions. However, since we are living in an omnichannel world, cultivating the same experience at different settings is where […] Read more »

How to Win Sonic Market Share from Industry Heavyweights

This article was originally published in Brandingmag on October 3rd, 2019. The famous “I’m Lovin’ It” of McDonald’s is one of the most recognizable audio logos in the world. Similarly, it takes only nanoseconds for our neurons to link the ‘Intel figure’ with the company’s signature melody, and a few more for the red and white of Coca-Cola and the fizz of a bottle to help us “Taste the feeling.” These companies, who today wear the crown of most iconic audio brands, represent the old school way of audio branding. They broke ground for sonic marketing by inserting short sound cues — “jingles”, […] Read more »

Audio Branding to the Rescue for Cause Marketing

This article was originally published in Brandingmag on October 3rd, 2019. A recent study from DoSomething Strategic states that brands are missing the mark on how to get cause marketing right for young people. Only 12% of the survey respondents had top-of-mind associations between brands they were familiar with and a social cause. One of the main conclusions of the research was that in order to show they are trustworthy, on-point, and committed to a cause, brands must extend their good work beyond single campaigns. In the eyes of the youth, marketing for a cause stands for a holistic commitment and a […] Read more »

What Are We Hearing Now? October 2019

Audio on marketers’ lips at Advertising Week New York This advice comes from Mastercard’s Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Raja Rajamannar. Ever since launching its new audio brand earlier this year, the company has been a major force in shifting the marketing world’s attention toward sound. Rajamannar was interviewed during last month’s Advertising Week about their branding philosophy and next moves on the realm of multisensory marketing. What does it mean? Mastercard’s embarkment into the audio branding journey foreshadows an arms race of sonic assets and identities in other industries too. To remain competitive and relevant, brands need to create […] Read more »

Audio Do’s and Don’ts Learned From This Year’s Cannes Lions

This article was originally published in Adweek. As media all over the world breaks down the aftermath of Cannes, conversations seem to revolve around one word specifically: purpose. From the audio branding industry perspective, it’s hard not to feel like Mr. Burns about it: Excellent. This is great news because sound’s ability to transcend something as intangible as purpose to create palpable brand appeal is remarkable. The following picks from this year’s Cannes prove this to be true. Furthermore, they show why choosing the right sounds are pivotal to your brand’s emotional delivery. If you want your message to resonate, DO […] Read more »

What Are We Hearing Now? June 2019

“Sound can express the brand belief and values in an emotionally direct way. Sound speaks to our deepest emotional instincts and bypasses our rational brain.” These wise words are from Thomas Marzano, global head of brand experience at Philips who was interviewed in a recent Forbes article about how big companies are engaging in audio branding. Philips is yet another world-renown enterprise to join the likes of Mastercard, who have recently embarked on a quest to investigate the sonic side of their brand personas. What else have these household names figured out about audio branding that makes it worth all the investments? […] Read more »

What are we hearing now? May 2019

As we marketers know, the competition for people’s attention is a tough game. We at Audiodraft believe in the power of audio in this. It has the capability to enhance brand recognition and recall quite brilliantly. Over the past year, we have collected the most insightful audio branding and audio marketing articles to our monthly ‘What are we hearing now?’ blog post series. Here is our May 2019 selection: In an Audio-First World, Can Your Audio Identity Come Second? ( As music streaming, podcasts, audiobooks, smart speakers, connected cars and voice assistants have caught the public’s attention, the amount of audio-friendly […] Read more »

How Retailers Can Connect With Consumers Using a Dynamite On-Brand Audio Strategy

This article was originally published in Adweek. So far, studies have shown varying results on the effect of in-store music on customers. Whatever the outcome might be between positive and negative reactions, however, one thing is clear: The design of the soundscapes and their correspondence to the overall sensory experience of the service setting seems to be the watershed between them. For example, a study conducted in a U.S. supermarket chain found out that when the music was played in a faster tempo, consumers spent considerably less time in the store, and on average, the slower music ended up increasing the […] Read more »

What are we hearing now? April 2019

Top 5 Audio Branding and Audio Marketing articles, April 2019 Many things are happening around music and voice right now. The interest in audio branding and audio marketing is surging and will keep escalating as the year goes by. The recent number of media attention on the subject has grown exponentially and we have gathered the most interesting ones for you to read in this month’s ‘What are we hearing now?’ edition. Want To Break Through The Noise? Songsmith Your Brand  ( We have been talking about “voice-first” era and screen free world for a while now. With the recent innovations […] Read more »