What Are We Hearing Now? October 2019

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This advice comes from Mastercard’s Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Raja Rajamannar. Ever since launching its new audio brand earlier this year, the company has been a major force in shifting the marketing world’s attention toward sound. Rajamannar was interviewed during last month’s Advertising Week about their branding philosophy and next moves on the realm of multisensory marketing.

What does it mean? Mastercard’s embarkment into the audio branding journey foreshadows an arms race of sonic assets and identities in other industries too. To remain competitive and relevant, brands need to create and cultivate their multisensory identities at an accelerating pace.


Podcasts gain yet more research endorsement

While Spotify is about to make starting a podcast easy for anyone in their platform, BBC is launching a branded podcast service curated by the broadcaster’s content marketing division, Storyworks. This comes soon after a study ordered from neuroscience researchers at Neuro-Insight on the ad effectiveness of podcasts. In addition to the numbers above, it found that 94% of listeners consume podcasts while performing other tasks and that this mode of listening actually elevates engagement with the brand.

What does it mean? The results show the success of podcasts (and audio in general) ultimately comes down to their non-intrusiveness. We think the key to creating value there is to use your offering as an instrument for training, education, and entertainment—something that can be done or experienced by the audience during listening sessions. In such a brand-friendly platform, this will go a long way in building credibility and trust between the audience.


Familiar names popping up in the marketing media!

Since the last What Are We Hearing Now?, we here at Audiodraft have been busy preaching the word of audio to the world. Here are our best takes from the past few months.

On a recent article on Brandingmag, we draw marketers’ attention towards the enormous potential that sound possesses for impactful and long-term-oriented brand building. Earlier in the summer, we deep-dived into the emotional impact of sound over a campaign, demonstrated in an Adweek article with examples from the 2019 Cannes Lions winners. Adweek also examined the brand messaging of all the U.S. presidential candidates at length. Have a look at Julian Castro‘s and Bill de Blasio‘s reviews and you might see a familiar name pop up!

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Also, don’t forget to tune in next month, as we prepare you for 2020 by recapping audio’s role in the latest marketing trend reports!

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