Empower your audio brand with data and creativity

  • ANALYZE - Optimize your audio strategy
  • CREATE - Turn your strategy into sound
  • MANAGE - Validate the brand fit of your sound
Audiodraft Analyze-Create-Manage wheel

Analyze your audio brand

Audio analysis with the help of AI

Understand your audio identity and its market position based on data from your brand attributes, competitors, and target audiences. Audiodraft analyses equip you with Sound Profile that gives you insights for creating an audio strategy that gets your brand heard the way it should.

Create your audio brand

Bring your audio strategy to life! Whether you're in need of custom music and voice-overs or getting your sounds elsewhere, Audiodraft gives you recommendations for informed decisions on the types of sound you use in your campaigns and marketing materials.

Manage your audio brand

Validate the sounds in your media content for brand fit and manage your assets and analysis data, all inside one platform. Whether it's an audio logo, a brand playlist or a multinational campaign in question, Audiodraft ensures your sounds will fit your audio brand guidelines.

Why Audiodraft?

Our data-driven approach makes brands stand out and get heard

  • Understand how sound affects your audience's perception of your brand
  • Make better strategic decisions on the types of sound you use
  • Get audio which is always on-brand of the highest quality
  • Empower your campaign execution
  • All in one, centralized platform