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What are we hearing now? May 2020

The world is changing after worldwide events and a new normal will come into place. Without group gathering, new experiences must be found within the entertainment industry. To entertain the […]

What are we hearing now? April 2020

The Coronavirus is affecting the planet and the everyday life of people and brands. On this month’s “What are we hearing now?“ series, we will first look into stories how […]

How Brands Leveraged Audio Marketing in Super Bowl Spots

This article was originally published on Adweek, February 4, 2020. What consumers hear—or don’t hear—affects decision-making We’ve witnessed yet another Super Bowl that had everything from iconic sporting moments to […]

What We Can Expect From Audio Marketing in 2020

This article was originally published in Adweek. The importance of brand experience has jumped from a low-ranking priority straight to top of mind. Brands are now asked to tap into their […]

How to Win Sonic Market Share from Industry Heavyweights

This article was originally published in Brandingmag on October 3rd, 2019. The famous “I’m Lovin’ It” of McDonald’s is one of the most recognizable audio logos in the world. Similarly, it takes […]

Planning Your Podcast Ad Campaign: 4 Things to Consider

“Podcasts are so popular! I’ll definitely use them to build my brand’s online presence!” There’s hardly a chance you’d hear something like that from an entrepreneur or marketer just 5 […]

Audio Branding to the Rescue for Cause Marketing

This article was originally published in Brandingmag on October 3rd, 2019. A recent study from DoSomething Strategic states that brands are missing the mark on how to get cause marketing right for […]

What Are We Hearing Now? October 2019

Audio on marketers’ lips at Advertising Week New York This advice comes from Mastercard’s Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Raja Rajamannar. Ever since launching its new audio brand earlier this […]

Audio Do’s and Don’ts Learned From This Year’s Cannes Lions

This article was originally published in Adweek. As media all over the world breaks down the aftermath of Cannes, conversations seem to revolve around one word specifically: purpose. From the audio […]

3 Steps for Creating a Successful Branded Podcast

This article was originally published in Adweek. Podcasts have taken the pole position for the new wave of digital advertising. Their consumption has been on a steady upward trend, which is expected to […]

What Are We Hearing Now? June 2019

“Sound can express the brand belief and values in an emotionally direct way. Sound speaks to our deepest emotional instincts and bypasses our rational brain.” These wise words are from […]

What are we hearing now? May 2019

As we marketers know, the competition for people’s attention is a tough game. We at Audiodraft believe in the power of audio in this. It has the capability to enhance brand […]