What We Do

We help brands develop their own unique sounds.

Audiodraft provides a comprehensive platform with services from creating audio branding strategies to custom music and voice-over productions to campaign localizations. We use data and technology to match your project with the right talent from our network of 20,000+ composers and audio specialists from over 120 countries.

Brand Sound Analysis

Compare your brands audio output with your selected competitors in your industry. Order Sound Audit or Industry Sound Analysis to understand the state of your current brand sound and how it is interpreted, as well as how it can be improved to better resonate with your audience.

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Audio Branding

Develop a clear understanding of your brand sound and audio marketing position based on your brand attributes and market insights from our content analysis. Our data-driven approach provides all the information you need for making musical decisions. We create a multi-touchpoint audio branding strategy that matches your brand guidelines and connects with your audience.

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Custom Music Production

Find the perfect music for every touchpoint from TV and online videos to games and events. We match your audio needs with unique tracks, which are available to select instantly, or to use as a starting point for further iterations towards the musical direction of your audio brand. With our Global and Perpetual Exclusive license you can rest assured that the audio we create is truly yours forever.

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Voice-over Services

A crucial part of your brand identity is the voice associated with it. Order a custom voice-over by uploading your script and specifying the desired language, accent, age, and gender of the voice-over talent.

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Campaign Localization

Our content analysis provides the insight to make your sound speak to your local audiences. Provide us your target markets and languages, we get your sound localized. Upload one script, and receive multiple translations for approval, all in a few simple clicks. Our speech synth reads a time stamped script in real-time and estimates the reading length in your desired language ensuring you have the perfect sync for your localized content.

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Every brand generates sound. We help you find yours.