Custom Music Production

Why go bulk when you can go custom.

The benefits of custom music are obvious. Your company doesn't share its visual assets with competitors, why should it risk sharing the same music and sound? You get a track that truly narrates the story of your production and enhances the emotional impact of the story, fits perfectly and doesn't get cut in the middle.

Our strength lies in our global network of professional producers from 120+ countries. Furthermore, we have over 30,000+ tracks worth of experience with global clients. If you aren't sure what you are looking for, don't worry. Describe the project you are working on and you will get the sound right for each production. Guaranteed.

Flexible budget

We work with a wide network of professional composers allowing us to always offer the right rate for your production. We find the right talent for your project and make sure you stay on budget.

The Best talent

We know our talent's strengths and areas of expertise. We have an expert producer for every genre and each job, from composing to mastering.

Syncing to video

Upload your video and synchronize each of your custom made musical options instantly to your visuals. You also have the option of placing detailed comments at specific points on the timeline for further iterations.

Private platform

Audiodraft provides a safe and private online platform to collaborate and work on your productions. All our audio producers sign NDAs each time they start working on a new project.

Exclusive license

With our Global and Perpetual Exclusive license you can rest assured that the audio we create is truly yours.

Every brand generates sound. We help you find yours.