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Because your audience wants to understand your brand.

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Create more engaging audio with Sound Profile

Develop a consistent audio brand with Sound Profile

Sound Profile sets up your audio branding guidelines. With it, you can rely on facts when choosing your brand music and voice-overs. If you have previously analyzed your audio brand, you can create a brief based on your Sound Profile with a click of a button.

Get clear, actionable insights for fitting audio

Discover specific do's and don't's for sounds that make or break your audio identity. Listen to sound examples and fine-tune the recommendations to fit your campaign targets on a specific market, with audience preferences.

Validate the creative direction of your sounds

Are you already using library music or partnering with a trusted composer? Perhaps you have your own brand music bank? Take advantage of Sound Profile by uploading your audio to our system and see how well they support your campaign goals.

Order custom music and voice-overs easily using Briefing Tool

Audio analysis with the help of AI

Audiodraft Briefing Tool makes crafting production briefs for music, voice-overs, and sound design easy. Tailor your brief using the tool's tag functions to your exact production needs. You can articulate your desired mood, genre, instrumentation, complexity, and intensity of the audio in an intuitive and simple way. You can also upload reference files or the intended video to sync your audio with instantly.

Start creating unique brand sounds with Audiodraft

Custom music

The benefits of custom music are obvious. Your company doesn't share its visual assets with its competitors, why should it risk sharing the same music and sound? Order unique music tracks that clearly channel your brand values from your media content and make you stand out.


An intrinsic part of your brand persona is the voice paired with it. Order a voice-over in your desired language, accent, age, and gender of the voice-over talent. Indeed, the tone of voice is equally important to what is being said. We make sure the voice you order fits your brand.

We match your productions with the right talent

  • Order audio from award-winning designers who have worked with the top 100 brands listed by Forbes.

  • Audiodraft Talent Network includes 20,000+ audio experts from over 120 countries.

  • No matter the genre, instrument or language, we will match your brief with the best available talent.

  • Our online platform and global talent network enable fast turn-around for all productions.

Exclusive license

Each of your audio assets created on Audiodraft platform comes with a Global and Perpetual Exclusive license. You can rest assured that the audio we create for you is rightfully yours.

Smart syncing

Know exactly what you're ordering. Synchronize and test different audio entries with your video and select the one to your liking. Insert comments on the asset timeline for further iterations.

Safety & Privacy

Audiodraft provides a safe and private online platform to collaborate and work on your productions. The assigned audio talent signs an NDA every time they start working on a new project.

Let's create your audio brand.