Audio Branding

More than just great sounding music.

Audio branding shares the same purpose with visual branding. It aims to improve brand awareness, with sound as its weapon of choice. In fact, audio branding initiatives often go hand-in-hand with visual branding efforts, because visuals and audio should support one another to build a coherent brand strategy.

Whether combined with visuals or presented by itself, the impact that sound has in creating a brand is undeniable. It sparks our emotions and feelings with the content, service or product at hand. Moreover, an analytical and strategic approach to using sound provides a substrate for better brand development.

Improve brand awareness

The objective of audio branding is to create a unique audio identity that connects your audience with your brand. In today's diverse media touchpoints audio branding is an essential tool in multisensory branding and marketing. Having an audio identity opens up new communication opportunities as it can reach consumers with unified message on various touchpoints, for example:

  • Call center
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Mobile
  • Smart speakers
  • Voice assistants
  • Cinema
  • Podcasts
  • Retail
  • Events
  • Corporate film
  • Online video
  • Offices
  • Conferences
  • UI sounds

Case Study: Building the Outotec Audio Brand

With Outotec, we turned abstract brand attributes and visual cues into sound. The result weaves musical representations of different color layers together into an audio theme that is personalized, recognizable and flexible for multiple touchpoints, online videos and event ambience to name but a few.

Improve brand recognition

We are all familiar with the power of a well designed movie soundtrack to bring you to tears, or to pull you to the edge of your seat during an intense scene. We perceive the world around us in a multisensory way and brands are now expanding their communication outside of the traditional "visuals only" mindset.

Any audio used in conjunction with your brand from product sounds to in-store background music, define and mold how your consumers perceive you.

Case Study: Kyrö Distillery Company

We worked closely with Kyrö Distillery Company to design an experience showcasing how sound can change our sense of taste. Our custom designed music tracks significantly influenced the perceived taste of the Kyrö products by using some newly discovered scientific audio discoveries.

Improve brand recall

Audio branding is the strategic use of music, sounds, and voice. Creating an audio branding strategy is much more than just choosing great music. It’s also about creating your very own set of audio brand assets and using them consistently. The return is a stronger emotional connection to your audience. Sounds that match the mood and emotions of your brand with high quality improve the memorability and credibility of your brand messages.

The Power of Audio - 1 video 3 moods

Improve brand positioning

With music we all have our preferences. Audio branding helps to choose music and voice based on facts, not feelings. When you are defining your brand’s sound try to keep that in mind. You are not choosing music to fit your personal preferences, you are choosing musical elements which fit your brands attributes, values and mission.

As music streaming, podcasts, audiobooks, smart speakers, connected cars and voice assistants have caught the public’s attention, the amount of audio-first content space is multiplying by the minute. If your brand does not extend its roots into this growing ecosystem, then it runs the risk of falling behind companies that have put thought and effort into audio branding.

Every brand generates sound. We help you find yours.

Audio is a new mainstream media, so now is the time to turn up the volume!

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5 Tips for Integrating Audio Into a Marketing Strategy

Article originally published in Adweek on July 5, 2018. As music streaming, podcasts, audiobooks, smart speakers, connected cars and voice assistants have caught the public’s attention, the amount of audio-friendly content space is multiplying by the minute. To plant a seed in this growing ecosystem, brands need a comprehensive strategy for navigating the flourishing mediums […]