Campaign Localization

Tailor your audio to suit specific markets.

Localizing multiple campaigns for different target markets has never been easier. Import, edit and audition your scripts and get translations with estimated reading length, or validate your music content in your target market.

Voice actors from 120+ countries

No matter the local market you are aiming at, our network of voice actors are here for you. We can match your local campaigns with a perfect voice immediately.

Translations for your projects

Got a script you need to audition? Upload a time stamped script, and receive multiple translations for your local team’s approval. You will also get an estimation of its reading length in your desired language.

Extensive knowledge on the broadcast standards for audio, TV and radio

You can rest assured your production quality remains outstanding everywhere. We can accommodate loudness, peak levels and the format of your produced audio to any local broadcasting standards.

Local validation for music content

With our Industry Sound Analysis, we will gain understanding on a targeted local market so we can validate your sound with data and analytics to make sure it fits the local market. Make sure your audio brand is unified and serves your brand attributes the best way anywhere you are present.

Every brand generates sound. We help you find yours.