New e-mail notifications


We have just enhanced our e-mail notification system. The new notifications help the contest holders and contestants know better what is happening in the contests. Now it will be much more easier and convenient to stay up-to-date in any AudioDraft contest.

When you participate in a contest you’ll get notifications when your entry is rated, commented or selected as a winner. Also, if contest holder or AudioDraft discuss publicly on the contest page, you’ll be notified about it. If contest holder modifies the design brief, you’ll also get a notification of it.

Notifications for contest holders now include how many entries need his/her feedback, how many entries, public and private comments have been submitted since the last noficication e-mail and so on.

You can customize how often you receive e-mail notifications from AudioDraft. Go to the settings page to change your notification frequency. By default, the notification frequency is one day.

Have a nice weekend!
AudioDraft Team

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