Sound Designer Spotlight: Ocmol

Hey everyone! Nokia contest has now been running for a little over week and it has surpassed all our wildest expectations by now. Millions of plays, hundreds of thousands unique visitors and over two thousand entries! We are really happy and thrilled to see so much activity around the contest, and this is really just the beginning of it. We managed to catch up quickly with Ovidiu Moldovan, aka Ocmol, who was one of the first participants to enter the contest last week.


Hi Ovidiu! Did you know that one of your entries in the Nokia Tune Remake contest has been played over 100 000 times?

Not at all, but I was thrilled when I found out. This is the most plays I have ever had on anything I have ever uploaded on the internet.

Did you expect anything like this when you first entered the contest?

Well I did expect to get a head start because I uploaded my songs so early in the contest, but I did not expect such a fast rise in “Likes” and shares on social media. Obviously AudioDraft and Nokia have done an excellent job at promoting this contest. For example it was very cool to see an article from a big gadget-website here in Denmark that talked about the contest; the title was: “Make the replacement for the Nokia tune and win 52.500 Danish Krones”. I commented under the article, that I am ocmol and my entry is amongst the top ones, but no one would believe me.

Well, after this spotlight they surely will believe you. Have you listened to the other entries there? Do you have any particular favorites?

Well I listened to all of them at the time I uploaded mine, but after a couple of days it became quite hard to check the other entries out, because so many new ones were coming in all the time. But if I have to mention a few from the early ones I would say my closest competition right now – “Progressive Nokia” by Ozzbozz (Entry 12). I think we both went for the same kind of thing in our versions: a modern, clear and fresh sound. “Nokia Chiptune” by Alex_R (Entry 23) is fun as well. “Nokia Electro LazyR Skrillex” by Akira Complex is groovy, I am sure his fiancé is proud :).

Anything else you would like to say to the community working on their entries?

Good luck to everybody. I would like to say greetings to all AudioDraft “veteran” designers and to all the new ones coming in now.

Keep the entries coming, keep them fresh, edgy and cool. I hope Audiodraft and the community gets a lot of exposure from this one. Good times are ahead of us. Cheers!

Thanks for your time Ovidiu and good luck! 🙂

Ocmol’s profile on AudioDraft
Nokia Tune Remake contest on AudioDraft

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