Sound Designer Status Changes

We are always trying to improve our process for our community. One of our goals is to invite less people to productions, so that the people who do take part have a greater chance of winning.

We also want to reward the most active members of the Audiodraft community. We thought long and hard on how to solve these two problems as they have been causing some trouble on productions.

Here’s the backstory. It is an all too common occurrence for us to invite a sound designer to a contest, they confirm participation and then we never hear back from them.

At Audiodraft we get it, we all have shifting priorities and we realise that more steady work than what we offer is out there.

We know that life sometimes throws a proverbial ratchet in the works and the once free time we had is now taken up with going to the veterinarian with “Pedro”, your girlfriends Mexican rat dog who, for reasons still unknown to you, tried to eat an entire airport sized bar of Toblerone and managed (impressively) to get 2/3 ‘s of the way through before you caught him in the act and planted a shoe squarely up his hind quarters, interrupting his gluttonous suicide attempt.

So now instead of having those 4 hours to work on that Audiodraft project, you have just come back from a 3 hour visit to the vet and are trying to frantically scrub dog liquids out of the carpet before your girlfriend gets home from her weekend away with the ladies and accuses you of being an idiot and attempting to kill her suicidal dog.

We get it, we really do, it’s ok.

So here’s the deal. We need to make some changes to the way your experience level is calculated. These changes aim to make Audiodraft a fairer place to those who participate most.

Currently you earn experience as a Sound Producer from Audiodraft based on how many songs you have uploaded to us, combined with your average score on these tracks. Once your status hits 50%, you begin receiving invitations to private projects and get a chance to earn money competing for big name briefs.

You set your availability and we only invite you to work when you say you are free to do so.

From today onwards, when you confirm your participation in a contest, and do not submit any entry by the closing date, we will remove 20% from your Sound Producer status. So if you have a Sound Producer rating of 87%, it will then become 67%.

We all have Pedro’s in our life, so this drop is not enough to seriously affect your rating and the good news is that once you successfully participate in the next contest, the reduction is removed and your score returns to normal.

The second change is that from today onwards, if you do not log into your account for three months, we will reduce your status by 5% for each subsequent month you do not visit the site. Once you log in again, this penalty is removed and your account is reset to its previous level.

This is in part to remove inactive accounts and ensure we only invite the most active and up to date musicians to our productions.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please get in touch with us.

All the best,

Cam / Audiodraft Team.

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