Sound is the Key to Our Emotional Centre

Audio marketing creates a growth in brand value and generates higher sales. As the gap between (emotional and engaging) advertising and a purchase is becoming shorter. That’s why auditive communication boosts sales figures in the highly competitive environment of today.

The multisensory media and marketing culture is taking over the plain optical. This means that brands are experienced through all the senses. People can not only see but feel, hear, smell and taste different brands. This development is happening because the senses are the opening to our deep life experiences and to our feelings. It’s very powerful yet indistinguishable by many. That’s why it’s also the right time to get along with the multisensory branding.

Watch here how Audio developed their own whole soundscape.

Get recognized and remembered from the information overload

Emotionally engaging products and services are more easily recognized and remembered. Not so surprisingly, emotional factors are gaining more significance in advertising activities. Challenges such as information overload, increased competition and the low recognizable differences between different brands makes multisensory branding a clear asset for any given company.

This extra emotional value makes brands, products and goods attractive, familiar, and immediate. It causes voluntary, positive, long-term commitment by people to brands. It creates yearning and causes a good feeling as soon as the desire is fulfilled.

As an example, traditional entertainment industry has used emotionally engaging branding from the beginning very successfully. Economically successful productions are based on the fulfillment of the basic human principles of feelings and aspirations.
The economically successful campaigns all target triggers for human emotions including stories, images and colors, feel, smell, as well as voices, sounds, noises, and music. Learn more about the science behind these discoveries.

Hearing goes a lot further
Though vision is usually considered our “first sense”, in reality hearing goes a lot further. We can close our eyes but cannot turn our hearing off. We also feel sounds through our skin and our body. In addition we can be very analytical about we see – hearing goes a lot deeper surpassing our intelligent minds. That’s why music has such a huge impact on our moods and feelings.

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