Industry Sound Analysis

Base your decisions on market insight.

Not sure what your brand should sound like? Don't worry, because you don't need to choose your brand sound blindfolded anymore. By analyzing your brand attributes and how you and your competitors use sound, Audiodraft helps you review your audio market position. Our content analysis provides a clear vision upon which to build an audio strategy that resonates with your audience, while making your brand stand out from the other players in your field.

Extensive sampling

Our analysis starts by building a pool, which gathers the most relevant media assets from your brand and competitors of choice. By collecting at least 50 units for each target brand from the last two years, you will get your hands on the most thorough, transparent and timely review.

Breaking sound into details

Each unit in the analysis is disassembled into bits and pieces of its sound ingredients by our global network of audio branding specialists. The exploded view of sound helps us understand the exact instrumentation, keys, genres, tempos, vocals and types of voice-overs involved.

Ensuring relevant results

To make sure that the audio assets on the analyses are top notch, we validate them. Once our experts have analyzed each sound unit, our platform combines the results for quality check so that the analysis is credible and reliable.

One-page summary

You will be provided with a user-friendly review of your current audio market position. The summary presents through examples specified information on music, sound and voice your brand and competitors are using, as well as clear insights and suggestions on what type of sounds would suit your brand best to get a competitive edge.

Every brand generates sound. We help you find yours.