Music Library Info

The Music Library is an online shop for high quality custom made audio on Audiodraft.

The Music Library offers the very best and exclusive music with fixed prices. The tunes are handpicked from the contests on Audiodraft and the selection is carefully gathered to showcase the premium music produced on Audiodraft. A single tune can be sold only once on Audiodraft Music Library because we are offering only exclusive licenses in the Music Library. The tunes that are on sale there will not be available for anyone else than those who have access to the Music Library.


We have a pricing policy that is directly related to the duration of the license for the audio production:

  • $400 - for 1 year exclusive license
  • $600 - for 2 year exclusive license
  • $1000 - for 5 year exclusive license
  • $2000 - for perpetual exclusive license

We offer our designers 70% of the revenue from the tunes sold.