A non-exclusive and worldwide right and license to use the Production, including but not limited to: to make reproductions of the Production, to couple and/or synchronize the Production, and to reproduce and make copies thereof, with visual images and to use the Production as so coupled or synchronized, or to use the Production on an audio-only or transcription basis, to distribute and publicly perform the Production over the internet or in connection with any other broadcast, transmission, public performance, exhibition or distribution means or media, or media product, mobile or fixed, now known or hereafter devised, including but not limited to broadcast and cable television, radio, motion pictures, internet and websites, as part of mobile applications, advertising, promotion, marketing, branding and/or any other use deemed fit by the Contest Holder. The license granted hereunder shall be valid for a term of one (1) year upon the Participant becoming elected as the Contest Winner by the Contest Holder.