Creating your sound
The Global Production Platform at Your Fingertips


"Whether you are looking for an instrumental track or something with vocals, we are here for you. Any genre, any mood, any instrument."

We make sure that your product sounds right. You can specify the genre, and even request individual instruments if you know exactly what you're looking for. We will help you if you don't. The original music we provide is made by professional composers. You can easily communicate with them and request changes in the melody, intensity, tempo and other details of your track.

Ordering bespoke music has never been this easy.

Sound Design

"We provide the sonic storytelling for your product."

When you need sound design for your video, online campaign, animation, or a custom set of sounds to implement into your mobile application, we will help you. In addition to music, we provide the sonic storytelling for your product.

With our trained expertise at your disposal, your product will sound top notch.

Sound Effects

"With sound effects you can build your own audio toolkit."

Sound effects can enhance your product identity and functionality without the use of music or voice. If you are making a game, an application, or if you need a personalized audio toolkit for your unique needs, we will help you put it together.


"A carefully selected voice-over supports the uniqueness of your brand."

An integral part of your brand identity is the voice associated with it. The focus is not on what is said, but how it is said. You can order a custom voice-over by uploading your script and specifying the desired accent, age, and gender of the voice-over talent.

Finding your branded voice-over has never been easier.

Sync to video

"Our audio will be instantly synced to your video. You can watch the result online immediately."

There's no need to download and export audio files and send them to your offline edit. You can easily compare different tracks without having to sync them one by one. You have the power to place detailed comments at specific points on the timeline if there's a particular sound that needs extra attention.

You will see the end result early on.

Need help with defining your sound? Learn about our Strategy Services.