Defining your sound
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Audio Branding

"Every brand generates sound. We help you find yours."

Audio Branding is a fundamental part of any brand. Take a moment to think about it. The lack of music planning or just plainly neglecting your brand sound are decisions that affect how your customers and consumers perceive your brand.

The objective of audio branding is to create a unique audio identity that connects your audience with your brand, also known as your brand sound. In other words, audio branding is strategic music planning that is aligned with your brand identity across all touchpoints from product sounds to TV campaigns.


  • Audio logo
  • Brand theme/song/anthem
  • Branded voice-over
  • Product/brand sounds
  • Brand soundscapes and any other music in your communication


  • Increase your brand value: loyalty, equity and recognition
  • Enhanced and coherent brand communication
  • Unified sound identity
  • Increased impact of your visual communication
  • Improved brand recall and differentiation


"We take a deeper look at your brand and your industry's current sound."

Before we create a new brand sound we want to understand your brand. This is why we perform detailed analysis on your brand’s past and current audio usage to reveal possible inconsistencies as well as consistencies. Whatever the outcome, the results will give valuable insight we can build on.

As part of the auditing process we will analyze general music strategy practices in your industry. We will also study your competitors to gain a thorough understanding of your brand's current position.

Sound Drafting

"We communicate through music and provide concrete examples."

Once we understand your brand and how you position among your competitors within your industry, we start drafting your unique sound towards the desired direction. This is done with the help of sound examples that will become the building blocks of your upcoming production.

Our sound examples work as an audio moodboard to help you understand what we think your brand should sound like.


"We are here to help you describe your vision in the form of a creative brief."

Whether you already have a clear vision of your brand sound, or are in the process of creating one, this is the phase we start your production by briefing our music professionals. No need to worry if this is out of your comfort zone, because we will make sure your brief hits the mark.

We will guide and assist you along the process from production to stress testing in order to make sure your new strategy is successful.


"We deliver user-friendly Audio Brand Guidelines for your project."

Once we have your sound figured out and all assets in place we are ready to hand over your new Audio Brand Guidelines. These guidelines include detailed instructions on how to implement your assets in each of your brand touchpoints and medias. You will also get the detailed results of your brand auditing and competitive analysis.

Your user-friendly guidelines and assets will be available for you online around the clock ready for your next production.

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