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AC Justice Nelonen (Ai)
The Brand
The Talent
Akira Complex
Nelonen Media is looking for an audio identity package for their brand. Nelonen Media is one of the biggest content providers on television, radio, online and mobile devices in Finland.

The Brief

We are looking for a flexible sound identity package which would carry the same values as our visual corporate identity does. Nelonen Media offers it's customers the full range of electronic media. Our visual identity reflects that by light which is refracted into a full range of colors; The Spectrum. Nelonen Media is modern, creative, clean, convincing, professional and of high quality. For more information about the company and our brands visit the Nelonen Media website.

We want you to compose a single entry, with maximum of two minutes in duration, which consists of four distinct parts. See the diagram (reference pdf).

1) Title Sequence Music
This is the opener for our video presentations. The video is attached as a reference. Duration is 12 seconds and it should end with the sound logo (item 4).

2) Anthem
Anthem or theme music should be easy to edit and modify for different uses and therefor we recommend that the anthem would be approx 60-90 seconds long and would have different sections in it, such as

- intro
- main theme
- background section
- finale
- outro

For some uses we might edit it down to a 30 second tv commercial or we might loop some segments from it to make up a background track for a longer presentation.

Check out the example of a similar Anthem from our sports channel "Nelonen Pro Anthem" (attached below).

3) FX and soundbites
These are swooshes, transitions and hits we can use in our various video productions to accent a graphic or use as a bumper when going from a topic to another. There are no specific requirements here, but be creative and try to keep within the style of other portions of the sound package.

4) Soundlogo
This is typically 1-4 seconds in duration and is used along with an animated Nelonen Media logo, see the end of title sequence for a demo of this. The soundlogo should be clear, distinctive and should reflect modern attitude in electronic media business.

Nelonen Pro Anthem (90 sec)

The world of custom audio is waiting.

What do you sound like?