10 second countdown to a deal

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the final countdown
by Tom
The Brand
The Talent
Top 10 will be published on our Facebook page, together with a poll. We will ask our crowd which sound they like most: http://www.facebook.com/Globumbus

The Brief

Globumbus manages deals for startups and want to close each deal with a countdown and a final.
- like the closing bell of a stock market
- with a hammer blow at the end
We want to have bell sound combined with the sound of an leaving UFO

Globumbus is a new Silicon Valley company from the zanox founders, providing a "Global Crowd Network". This platform uses the power of the crowd to cover all needs of startups like funding, experts and fame.
Our Vision is, that everyone should become an entrepreneur.

we need:
- a 10 second countdown version and
- a 2-3 second version as our audio logo (final deal sound)


- countdown should increase (in terms of power, frequency and UFOnes)
- start with the sound of a traditional bell from a church and end up with an powerful UFO sound
- imagine: if people in the future hear a church bell ringing and think about a closing deal which brings you into the space ;)

We are thinking about a countdown for an UFO start, which should underline a closing deal on our platform.

The world of custom audio is waiting.

What do you sound like?