Audio logo for Slush startup conference

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Higher together
by Phil
The Brand
The Talent
Slush is the largest tech, design, and startup conference covering Northern Europe and Russia. We are looking for an epic audio logo for the conference.

The Brief

Slush is a two-day startup conference where the best tech talent from Northern Europe and Russia gets together to meet the leading investors and media from around the world.

We are looking for a theme song which will be used with the Slush videos. The song should be around 30 seconds long. The intro of the song (around 10 seconds) should work as a recognizable audio brand. Slush logo will be animated to the beginning of the videos to match the audio (see TED example video on the references). The song should also have a quick (around 5 seconds) outro where an animation of the logo can be added.

The mood of the theme should be epic, dramatic, and big! Think Hans Zimmer - Inception soundtrack.

Slush Conference will be held in Finland on 21-22 November so we are in a hurry! We are looking to select the winner by Monday 19th. Audiodraft will host this contest on behalf of Slush Conference.

The world of custom audio is waiting.

What do you sound like?