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QPR 67 without drums
The Brand
The Talent
QPR Software is looking for a new audio identity. It should consist of three sections: A beginning that serves as a wake-up for the listener, a loopable middle part that provides ambient music for the presentation, and an end.

The Brief

The audio identity will primarily be used in our 1-2 minute long videos. To get an understanding of what kind of videos QPR is creating, please have a look at two of them below.

Product Video:

Business Partner Video:

Since the two videos are quite fast-paced, it's important that the music doesn't add to the sense of urgency. The beginning should be louder than the middle part and the end. The idea for the music is to serve as a wake up in the begininng and then fade into ambience during the actual content. When the video ends, we want a distinct ending to signal that the video is over - no fade out.

Also regarding the wake up at the beginning: You don't have to sync it to the appearance of our logo at the beginning of the videos above. We might use something different in coming videos!

General specs:

-Approx 4 second beginning

-Loopable middle part, ambient music

-Distinct end, e.g. the strumming of a chord

The world of custom audio is waiting.

What do you sound like?