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The Brand
The Talent
A recognizable audio brand for Women 2.0 organization. They help women to build tech start-up businesses in Silicon Valley.

The Brief

Women 2.0 is looking for a new audio brand. The music should be:
- Upbeat/inviting but also intriguing: modern, fluid, classy.
- Short clip to be used at beginning and potentially end of videos
- No vocals as series is all about discussion
- Interested individuals should listen to the music featured early in the first set of interviews vs. what we are currently using and think about how how the brand might engage a larger international audience
- Vid Network is our production partner and a winner will be selected with their consultation
- The winning entry will also be included in audio files for iTunes subscribers.
- I want our audio brand to be very well recognizable.

It would be great if we could get few variations in length for the podcast (all the same theme). As you can tell from the example episode, music fades in and out in different places. Something along the lines of:
* 30 second intro track
* 1 minute extro track
* 10-15 second transition track
* 5-10 second transition track

The volume level should stay about the same for the whole track (we'll program in the fades). Since people are listening to these with earphones on so it's important that the whole podcast stay at about the same volume level otherwise they have to pull out their iPods to adjust the volume all the time.

The world of custom audio is waiting.

What do you sound like?