Audio ad for action mobile phone game

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Entry 164 with 1VO
The Brand
The Talent
We want an epic action soundtrack to an audio ad.

The Brief

We want a sound track and audio effects for a short audio ad. This ad will be played on mobile games to promote a specific mobile game called Monster Shooter on Android. It will be like a radio ad in the background of a game. The audio of the game will be brought down so that ad can be heard. So take this into consideration when designing the sound track.

We want the music to be like an epic action movie trailer. We want it to start with epic/ominous/action music for 2-3 seconds, then the voice over starts. Effects can be added in with it. Its up to you. For example, you can ad the sound of a cat in distress when the voice over mentions the cat being kidnapped or use alien sounds when aliens are mentioned.

The ad should be very short, about 15-20 seconds in total. It should grab the attention of the user, set the exciting mood and make the call to action very clear ("shake the phone").

The voiceover is in two parts. One part is ad. The second part is the call to action. We will be using multiple versions of our call to action, so the contest submission must take into account this time gap, but we don't want it in the final submission. A sample call to action track is included for download.

The voice over track is included in this post for download.

The world of custom audio is waiting.

What do you sound like?