Music / SFX for Promo Reel & Sonic Branding

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A New Age /v8
The Talent
We are looking for background music along with sound FX for a promotional video which will be shown on our website - In addition, we'd like to have a small sonic branding done for Juplix.

The Brief

Music and SFX for Juplix Motion Reel


For the Juplix motion reel we would like to pursue two forms musical styles that we think either of will work perfectly for our promotional video.

Innovation - Similar to Apple commercials for their products, we would like sound that is subtle & simplistic but also helps portray a sense of innovation by using a well timed sound that matches up well at key points of the video. Evoking emotions is vital for this approach. Also providing the excitement of a new innovative product that we are introducing to the world. Very "big deal-ish". We really want to capture that essence as we believe our Juplix website matches the above.

Examples of innovation sound design:

Futuristic -

Due to our Juplix logo being a robot symbol we would also like to pursue a futuristic approach to the music of this video. Something high-tech and robotic, very similar to electronic and/or dub-step music genre -- specifically Skrillex. We believe this will provide a high energy beat that will keep our visitors engaged and merge well with the video animations. It also helps align with the idea of a company who focuses on future goals and who is adaptable to the modern times.

Examples of these styles are below:

We believe that separate these styles work well but when collaborated together they do not appear to merge and blend so it would be best to keep them apart and focus on one direction. They will also need to work well with the sound effects when they have been added.



For the sound effects on the video we would like to some robotic styles that will work with the background music. We would like to pay close attention to the sound effects for the text and animation transitions used in the video as we want them to stand out. We really like the effects used on these trailers below -


Listed below are more examples of videos and trailers that have great music and sound effects that we really like. This will point you in the right direction when creating a sample for our video. (We love this) ( watch the intro and outro of this product review)
( The Intro is decent)

More FX Inspiration:


Sonic branding: (love this) (watch the intro and outro of this product review) (this intro is decent)

FX Inspiration: (Wall-e) (hate the dance stuff) (only the begging before it goes bizarre)


Some random ideas for the FX's:

- Motion sounds for letters flying in and the different sections of the video that fly in and out
- Impact sounds of the Juplix logo icon slamming down on the ground and the head following -- landing on the body. Lowering FX when the chain linked signage drops in front of Juplix.
- Reverse breakage FX on the pieces of the screen coming together on the SocialFlyer slide
- Funny robotic sound that make no sense when the "& Much More" thought-bubble pops up.
- The popping FX when the letters are popping up and down in the testimonial slide

On the #'s counter on the circle slides, I'd like:
- Coffee slide - a faint counter FX and lid bouncing FX, maybe a money ring FX when "Cups of coffee pops up"
- Brainstorming - a faint counter FX and a score board flipper FX when "Brainstorming Sessions" pops up
- Design Revisions - Pencil drawing FX
- Long Nights - swinging moon FX
- Amazing website - ???

- Steel doors closing in after the counting the # of things it took to get the site build
- Electricity going out FX out the outro

The world of custom audio is waiting.

What do you sound like?