A blues rock with retro feel & modern twist with motivating lyrics

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Pow of Two V4 SLOWER
The Talent
The goal is to motivate the listener/viewer to overcome any hesitations/challenges by joining forces with our health care facility to achieve better health, no matter how far they have to go. Full lyrics needed. Please see brief for COMPLETE details.

The Brief

The song should have a retro blues rock feel but with a modern twist. It should take cues from classic blues rock songs but should NOT sound old. It must have a medium to fast tempo and be upbeat enough that someone could work out to it. We're open to distinctive and out-of-genre sounds, like turntable scratches, to make the song sound modern and unique.

We need full lyrics — and if the song is selected, we'll also need the instrumental version and the split track/stems. The lyrics should follow these guidelines:

o Focus on the idea of working together
o Imply teamwork but NOT in the literal sense (this is not about sports)
o Include the phrase "let's work together" in the hook
o Embody the spirit of unity, collaboration and mutual empowerment
o Should have an optimistic, motivational tone that could be applied to reaching goals
o Lyrics should be applicable and inspirational to any "we"/'us" working together toward any goal
o Avoid foul or derogatory language (this needs to stay clean for radio and TV)

For reference, we like the tone of Canned Heat's "Let's Work Together" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGGW4IezbC4), but it's too mellow and sounds dated. See the links at the end of the brief for additional inspiration.

This song will be used for a 30-second TV spot primarily, however it needs to be at least three minutes long for other uses, including using it as the brand's internal rallying cry.

The intensity of the song needs to vary pretty widely from start to finish so that it can be edited in a lot of different ways. It should include relatively laid-back parts, slow build-ups, distinct pick-ups and powerful sections that feel climactic and celebratory.

The lyrics should contain quick, hard-hitting phrases that can be slipped in between sections of voice over.

It's also important that the song have a clean, punctuated ending.

People in this spot will be working together toward better health by doing things like exercising together, doing physical therapy and choosing healthy foods. They face some challenges, but they are determined and optimistic (not overly idealistic). The music should reflect that attitude.

***PLEASE NOTE that a team of several people will be rating entries and selecting the winning entry. We will do our best to formally rate all songs, but because of the time it takes to coordinate and align the entire team's feedback, not all songs will receive comments, and new songs submitted within two days of the contest ending may not receive ratings at all. (This does not apply to songs that have been revised and resubmitted at our request.) Thank you very much for understanding. We appreciate your participation!

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