TIME MICROSCOPE 1 Samba vs Breakbeat

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shake your flesh
The Agency
The Talent
During the recent Red Bull BCOne world final in Rio de Janeiro, we capured on film an encounter of an impressive B-Boy crew with one of the local Samba schools.

The Brief

Now these stunning visuals need your sounds!

And with a lot of more Brazilian activities coming up, we are looking not only for the most perfect track for this clip but for a range of suitable tracks for our Red Bull Content Pool Audio Library.

Musical References: The "Mala in Cuba" album comes to mind. However, we're looking to blend traditional South American styles with contemporary HipHop attitude.

Anyone interested in mixing percussionist wildfire with the deep fat beats of Breakbeat, and can top it with some hooks to cling to, will be a winner.

The world of custom audio is waiting.

What do you sound like?