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Get your own music, voice, and sounds heard by brands and their audiences

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Build your career in music, voice acting, and production

Bespoke composition

Compose music for media all over the world, from brand theme songs to online videos and event soundscapes.


Curate audio content for our contests and client productions. Review submitted tracks and highlight the most suitable tunes.


We welcome voice actors of all languages, ages, and genders to deliver their input in our campaign localizations.

Analysis cases

We analyze product sounds to help brands create unique music. Help us collect and validate competitor brand sounds.


Accommodate loudness, peak levels, and the correct audio format to local broadcasting standards.

A worldwide community

Be part of the global Audiodraft community and share your love for audio with your peers!

Audiodraft Talent roadmap

How to build up your status and get your works selected

Create a profile

Start by registering on our platform, it's completely free. Be sure to fill out your profile carefully, as it helps us select you for matching productions.

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Open Challenges are a chance to showcase your talent and get noticed by our producers. You can also win cool prizes.

Get invited to client productions

By participating, developing, and succeeding in Open Challenges, you are more likely to get invited to our client productions.

Get your works selected

We provide the brief for the production, your job is to match it. What are you waiting for? Start your career in custom audio now. We believe in you.

A word from Audiodraft community members

...on building your career

"Being analyzed by co-producers and being able to get in touch with Agencies is priceless. It’s exactly what I needed to move forward on my career. Audiodraft makes you think positive and release the power of the internet to composers."

-Jontom, Italy

...on getting work opportunities

"Opportunities to make music for major advertising agencies and brands is really inspiring and motivates you. Audiodraft has given great chance to get to production music business."

-PRauhala, Finland

...on developing your craft

"The contest selection system helps to monitor yourself, giving an incentive to improve your skills. Each member of the community helps and supports each other, everyone is and feels as a part of a wonderful community and gives their own contribution to its development! This is amazing! You are wonderful! Thanks!"

-zaSLON, Ukraine

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