A New Forum – A new Subreddit!

Audiodraft is excited to announce its newest exclusive forum for community members only.

We always listen to what our users tell us, and one request which kept coming up was the need for a place to communicate and discuss important topics for you, the professionals, music producers and voice over artists of the Audiodraft community.

As a stop gap measure we created this Facebook Page. But now we have something better!
We would like to introduce you to /r/Audiodraft. A subreddit dedicated to the Audiodraft community.

To join the discussion and have your say in Audiodrafts community direction and policy follow these simple steps:

Have your say & get involved!

Heres how you can get started.

1. Create a Reddit account. It literally takes 43 seconds, I timed it. Use your Audiodraft handle as your username, if this name is taken, use any other one you feel is suitable. If you have an existing account, please use this.

2. Go to www.reddit.com/r/Audiodraft/ and click on the “Message the Moderators” Button

3. Send a short message with your Audiodraft name to the moderator

You will receive a confirmation message through the Audiodraft platform once you have been approved to the forum.

The Benefits of joining the forum

  • A great place to share resources on the latest free plugins and sample packs.
  • Weekly Feedback threads to help you polish your sound to perfection.
  • It’s a great place to publicise any upcoming gigs or album launches.
  • Need a drummer, producer or someone to master your latest album? Reach out to the community and connect with each other.
  • Access to exclusive deals, partnerships and competitions.
  • Get to know other Audiodraft users and socialise.
  • First peak access to new features and ideas on the platform
  • Have a say in the community and suggest ways to change what’s not working for you.
  • Create discussions on topics that matter to you as a professional producer.
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