New features for Audiodraft Music Library

We just published our first update from many to come for Audiodraft Music Library. It now allows two new uses – 1) you can request customization for the tracks easily directly from the composer and 2) you are able to bid for the price for a specific license. Both of these are explained in detail below.

Get production music customized to your needs

All the content on Audiodraft Music Library is produced by our network of over 15,000 music composers. We are proud to present a new feature which allows you to request changes to our production music tracks directly from the composers themselves.

Start by searching our production music library to find a track that matches your needs. By registering to Audiodraft you also get access to the “My Favorites” section, which allows you to collect suitable tracks to favorite lists for easier access when reviewing the possibilities. Once you’ve found your perfect tune, click the “Buy” button and select the “Customize” option from the page. You can also license the track as it is by clicking the “Select this license”.

On the “Custom Music Library request” page, start by selecting the duration of the license you need. This will automatically fill in the price for the license. You have the option to change the price you offer. The more customization you need for the track the more you should add to the licensing price. Once you have the license and price information inputted, click the “Request for modifications” link on the bottom of the page and input the details of your customization needs.

Once you click the “Send offer” button, the request will be sent for the composer’s approval. Once they have accepted your offer, you can pay for the licensing fee. This will open up a separate project page where the composer can upload the files you requested and you have the option to review everything. Once you’re satisfied, click the “Release payment” button and you will be able to download all the files and we will handle the payment to the composer. Simple and secure.

Bid for the price of the license

Audiodraft Music Library now also allows you to make an offer for any of the license types. The process also works through the customization feature (see the chapter above).

Start by finding a perfect track from the Music Libary. After clicking the “Buy” button, and selecting the “Customize” option, you will end up on the “Custom Music Library Request” page. When you select the duration for your license, the price field will be populated with a default price for the defined duration. All you have to do is to change the price and send the offer for the composer to approve.

Please note that we still do not allow bidding with prices lower to the 1 year license default price.

Updates to Audiodraft

We are constantly improving Audiodraft and adding new features and more music to Audiodraft Music Library. The best way to keep up to date is to subscribe to our customer newsletter.

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