Tutorial: How to participate in a contest?

This tutorial contains detailed information for everyone who is interested in participating in Audiodraft sound design contests.

NOTE! Before submitting your first entry you must be registered to Audiodraft with verified email address and your contact information has to filled on your “Settings” page as well. You’re able upload entries right after these procedures are finished.

1. Design your entry

Read the design brief carefully first and study all reference videos and files (if available) related to the contest. You can find all information about the contest (instructions, links, videos, downloadable content) by clicking the “Brief” tab on the contest page.

Once you know what the contest is about, you can start working on your first entry. Imagine in your head what the best outcome of the contest would sound like. Follow the directions set in the design brief and do your magic. Show the best of your artistic and creative skills in making of your first contest entry. The first impression you make as a sound designer is very crucial and importance of it should not be underestimated.

2. Submit your entry

You can start submitting your track simply by clicking “Submit a new entry” button on a contest page. Create a name for your entry which is descriptive, easy to remember and stands out from the rest. You can also leave a short description about the entry to the contest holder, this message must be less than 140 characters. Then select “Choose file” button and select the file from your computer. Our service supports WAV and MP3 audio file formats, usually 16 bit WAV-file with 44,1 kHz sample rate works best. All entries in Audiodraft contests are converted to mp3 files with 128 kbit/s bit rate to secure that no-one is able to get high quality versions of entries from the site without the permission. The converting process can take some time, so please be patient while waiting.

After the file is converted, write your name (first name & last name) to signature field and please be sure that matches with the contact information you provided on the “Settings” page. Finalize the process by clicking “Submit Entry” button and your entry is now submitted to the contest.
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3. Learn from feedback

After submitting your entry to the contest holder will listen and most likely rate it from 1 to 5 stars. Sometimes the ratings can be changed during the contest, because many contest holders have internal team meetings where they re-listen the entries together and rethink the guidelines for their contest if it’s needed. The contest holders are able to leave private about the entries as well, but many times they are giving only a common feedback on commenting area of the contest instead of personal feedback. It’s possible that there are hundreds of entries in the contest so the contest holder doesn’t have enough time for answering to all questions and giving detailed feedback. Remember that the contest holding is not a fulltime job, so there can be delays with the ratings and the feedback.

All feedback helps you to create the best entry so take advice from the comments and listen to other designers’ productions as well.

4. Re-iterate
If you can improve your entry, do it! Usually you can submit up to 10 entries to one contest but there can be exceptions as well. If you have any questions regarding the contest please write them on a commenting area of the contest page. That’s the best way to reach contest holders’ attention and they don’t have to answer to similar questions multiple times. It’s not possible to upload any entries after the contest has ended. Be aware that also the converting of your entry must be done before the deadline, so please start submitting your last entry in good time before the contest ends.

The contest holder will announce the winner on the contest page after the contest has ended. Sometimes there can be a little delays in this process, because the contest holders are negotiating about the winner with their client. So please be patient while waiting.

5. If your entry wins

If your entry wins you will be notificated by email. After that you have an access to private “Handover” area of the contest where you’re able to discuss with the contest holder and upload the final version of your work. Contest holders usually want the work in cd quality (16 bit stereo WAV-file with sample rate of 44,1 kHz), but you will get detailed instructions from “Handover” area. Your payment will be executed through PayPal after the contest holder has approved your files, so remember to add asked information about your PayPal account to Handover area after the payment is released.

Check out a list of our open contests and start working on your entry today!

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