New layout on profile pages

As you might have noticed, we have updated user AudioDraft’s profile pages couple of weeks ago. The new profile page widens sound designers’ ways to express themselves on AudioDraft. By updating your profile you can get more attention as AudioDraft user and it also describes what kind of artist can be found behind the music.

The whole user page is now “WYSIWYG” (what you see is what you get), so you can see easily how other users are seeing your page.

A new user page in a nutshell:

– Uploading of user pics is now easier than before, because we have a new crop tool which allows you to choose what part of your picture is used as the user icon. Start uploading of your picture by clicking “+” icon on the top right corner and remove it by clicking “x”.

– You can also add a short description or slogan under your user pic.

– “About me” field is an area for showing your writing skills. Introduce yourself and tell about things which can’t be found from elsewhere of your profile page.

– “Skills” field is for your musical abilities. Use rating from 1 to 3 stars to express your level of the each skill.

– “Musical equipment” top 5 list is reserved for your favorite gear. Here you can tell about your current gear and secret weapons for making your music.

– Use “Sound Design Achievements” sheet as your curriculum vitae (CV) of your sound design / musical career. Tell about your work history, studies, albums, game music or advertisement projects etc. Describe the event in the left and the corresponding time period in the right column.

– On contact area you can add your email and personal web page addresses besides your profiles on social media forums. You can send a private messages by clicking AudioDraft logo on this area as well.

On the right side of the user profile page you can also see all badges from winning and participated AudioDraft’s sound design contests as previously.

But we would like to hear your feedback about these improvements and all development suggestions are welcomed as well. You can do this by commenting this blog post or sending an email to:
feedback (at)

Sign in to AudioDraft and update your profile page if you haven’t yet done so!

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