Sound Designer Spotlight: Sotiroff

Hi Sotiroff! You’ve been active sound designer on AudioDraft since last September. How did you find AudioDraft?
I read about AudioDraft’s Nokia Tune Remake contest from a newspaper, but unfortunately I missed that contest!

Would you describe your musical background a little bit? When did you start producing your own music? What is your main instrument?
I started producing music about 3 years ago in a production music studio in Sofia city (Bulgaria). My first instrument was guitar, but after few months I stopped and started to play the piano – I was 5 years old little boy. I’ve studied piano playing in music school in Plovdiv city and then music theory, composing, conducting and sound engineering in music academy in Sofia. The guitar still my favorite instrument but I’m not playing it as well as the piano.

Who are your key influencers? Can you name any producers, bands or musicians who have inspired you the most?
John Williams, Hans Zimmer, A.Dvorak, P. I. Tchaikovsky, G. Mahler, Michel Camilo, Arturo Sandoval for example.

What kind of equipment are you using during your music creation process? Can you name your favorite pieces of music gear / software right now?
I use mainly Korg Pa500. I have many favorites – Genelec, Apogee, RME, Steinberg, Logic, Cubase, ProTools and many others.

You’ve participating in many contests over genre barriers, but what is your favorite music genre when you’re composing?
I don’t have a favorite genre, I like all kind of good music.

What is usually your source of inspiration when you’re starting a new project?
That’s a secret! 🙂

What are your musical future plans?
To do that what I like – make better music.

What do you think about AudioDraft? What are the best and the worst sides of it from your point of view?
AudioDraft is a great chance to many musicians in all the world to show their music and there are not bad sides at all.

Would you like to say something to the AudioDraft community? Have you been following any specific composer members there?
Yes, I follow over 10 users right now.

-Thank you very much for your time, Sotiroff!

Sotiroff on AudioDraft

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