Relief songs for Japan

Great news! We have selected the tracks for the Japan Charity campaign compilation. Few weeks ago we launched a campaign that encouraged artists to write their best relief songs for Japan. Five best tracks would be released on a compilation album that will be released on iTunes, Amazon etc. All incomes from the album sales are donated to the Japan Aid of Finnish Red Cross. In two weeks we received 54 amazing songs that really surpassed all our expectations.

We couldn’t pick just five songs, we had to pick ten. Narrowing our list of favorites to ten tracks was a really tough task. We asked our community to help us by asking them to vote their favorite tracks in a poll or by liking them on Facebook. With this advice and hours of listening, we are now proud to present the tracks that are going to be featured on the release:

1. “Crumbs And Broken Shells” by Sarah Fimm
2. “Make the World Listen” by Ocmol
3. “The Missing” by ADHMusic
4. “An Obstruction” by Doelman
5. “pray for japan” by Yukibon
6. “Hope To See You Again” by Mihai Sorohan
7. “japanese heart” by Julex
8. “Heal” by Monica Blaire
9. “Refugees” by Posthousetuomi
10. “Blank Coast” by Animatik

We would like to congratulate all winners and thank the participants and active listeners. In coming weeks the compilation will be released on major digital music stores. We’ll keep you posted!

Charity: Create relief songs for Japan campaign page

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