Success Stories: Show reel music for Rakettijengi

Rocket Gang Productions (Rakettijengi Tuotannot) has just finished their new show reel that now features a really cool soundtrack sourced by using AudioDraft. We’re happy to interview Hannu Uotila, the chief of the gang.

Please tell us something about your production company, what kind of creative projects you do?

We do pistol sh*t with a spirit alike. Meaning that we design and execute coolest audiovisual productions, which kick ass. Our portfolio includes commercials, corporate videos, music videos, on-line videos etc. Basically, we provide to our customers everything from a customized idea to the final audiovisual product. Also, on a request basis we’re happy to give a hand just in a part of the whole production process, like in screenplays, editing, location scouting or shooting.

So you guys needed a kick-ass music piece for your company’s show reel extravaganza. What made you decide to use AudioDraft to get the music?

Well, we wanted to try something new! We also wanted to try how the system works and would the pieces reach the level we wanted them to reach. The idea of AudioDraft is extremely well suitable for production companies, because now we’re able to choose in cooperation with our customer the best one from several tailor made pieces. This creates a huge advantage compared to hiring just one composer or sound designer.

What did you get out of the contest? Did the music kick ass?

The amount of entries and especially the quality overtook us completely. In short, the music kicked ass big time! The easy usage of the system and variety of tailor made music convinced us, and we’ll definitely create contests in the future as well.

The winner entry was screaming to be used in our show reel. It was exactly what we wanted. The show reel is out now on our totally renewed home page at Check it out!

You guys have probably worked with a lot of freelance musicians as well to get some audio for your flicks. How was this AudioDraft experience different from those?

Yep, we have! The most obvious difference is that now we have a chance to choose from all of entries instead of one tailor made music piece. Therefore, it’s easier to find even more suitable music for a specific video or commercial. Before AudioDraft if tailored music didn’t somehow work we had to start all over again, but now we can give tips and instructions to all competitors at the same time and we have multiple entries to choose from. This shortens the time used to audio design. Competitors can also learn from others, if they’re going to right direction with the music or not. Therefore, Audiodraft platform saves our time, enhance the quality of audio design and more likely a budget planned to music composing can be easily curbed.

You guys obviously gave a lot of feedback to the designers. Did that help you guys to get what you wanted?

We tried to give feedback to the designers as much as we could and that definitely had positive impact on both quality and amount of entries. Many designers developed their works based on the feedback to them and to others as well. We felt that active communication between designers and us helped them reach even better or more suitable outcomes. In the end there were more than just one music piece that we could have announced as a winner.

What would you like to say to all of those companies out there maybe thinking of trying AudioDraft?

Go for it! It’s worth of it, you can bet on it! We found it extremely easy way to get what we wanted and we’ll use the service in the future as well. Save the money and time at the same time when improving the quality! Hell yeah!

Thanks for your time Hannu! Good luck with Rocket Gang!

Thanks! We’ll keep it going strong.

Here’s the Rocket Gang Productions show reel featuring the song “We Got Beat” by JT

Rocket Gang web site
Contest page on AudioDraft

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