Word from the Community Manager

Greetings you sound aficionados!

It’s been an awesome journey working with the AudioDraft community and watching it grow from zero to over 15 000 large during the last two years. From Finland to a global phenomenom – It has been a truly unique experience to affect and witness that! Now it is my time to pass the community management throne to our junior community manager Aleksi Keränen as I will take a role of AudioDraft Evangelist in the future and dedicate some of my time in my own artist career. What does that mean? You’ll see me around the globe at various events promoting and marketing AudioDraft and meanwhile I have few albums to finish :).

So let’s give a warm welcome to Aleksi. He’s been helping us since the beginning of the Summer with sales and marketing, and now he will be the main guy to discuss about the community. Some of you have actually already interacted with Aleksi as he was leading the latest AudioDraft game audio challenges. Aleksi is also a musician himself with almost two decades of experience in playing in various rock bands and been touring all over the world! He has golden ears and I can say that he is an expert in music and has a vast knowledge of music and production.

Check out Aleksi’s profile on AudioDraft: http://www.audiodraft.com/user/profile.php?id=3097

Onwards, towards the new challenges ahead of us!

Cheers from Helsinki,

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